Forget Christmas Tree Skirts—Tree Collars Are a Top Holiday Trend

Did we mention that Christmas tree skirts make cleaning up pine needles easier?

For many families, decorating a Christmas tree is an annual ritual that's steeped in tradition. There may be ornaments that have been passed down for generations, velvet bows in a specific color, cranberry garlands the entire family crafts together, or a familiar tree topper that crowns the tree every year. Yet there's an emerging holiday trend that may make you reconsider pulling that Christmas tree skirt out of storage. Introducing: the Christmas tree collar.

Christmas tree collar basket

What Is a Tree Collar?

A tree collar is a sturdy circular base that wraps around the bottom of the tree, effectively hiding the tree stand out of sight. It gives the illusion that your Christmas tree is resting inside a woven basket or metal basin, yet the tree collar doesn't have a bottom, so it won't collect water. A hinged design lets you open the collar, making it easy to put on and take off, giving you access to the tree stand whenever the tree needs water.


If you've ever had a felt Christmas tree skirt, then you already know what a magnet certain fabrics can be for pine needles. With a tree collar, the needles will fall right on the floor, making them easier to sweep or vacuum up. Plus, with a hinged collar that's easy to remove, brushing away needles collected around the base of the tree is even easier, too.

Our Top Picks

Ready to try out one of the holiday season's top trends and spend less time cleaning up pine needles? Measure your tree stand carefully to see what size collar you'll need, then check out our favorite Christmas tree collar designs for inspiration.

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Wicker Christmas Tree Basket

Wicker Christmas Tree Basket

You can't go wrong with a classic woven Christmas tree collar to give the impression your tree is nestled inside a wicker basket. For all those who aspire to the cottagecore aesthetic, this tree collar nails the rustic-chic look.

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Red Zigzag Tree Collar

Red Open Weave Tree Collar
West Elm

To infuse more color into your holiday decor, wrap the base of your Christmas tree with this vibrant red tree collar handwoven from water hyacinth. If your ornaments tend to follow the traditional red-and-green color palette, this base will complement them without stealing all the attention.

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Birch Tree Collar

Birch Christmas Tree Collar

For a Christmas tree collar that brings the forest home, choose this birch bark option. Especially if you're decorating an artificial tree this year, this tree collar will help make the scene look natural.

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Seagrass Christmas Tree Collar

Black Seagrass Christmas Tree Collar
West Elm

If you prefer to keep your holiday decor in a neutral color palette, this sleek black seagrass tree collar will look elegant underneath the tree. The woven coil design introduces some texture.

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Gold Tree Collar

Gold Tree Collar

Want to make the holiday shine a little brighter? A metallic tree collar will help. Incorporate some metallic ornaments throughout the tree branches to really make the scene sparkle.

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