Christmas Decoration Ideas

For the happiest (and most festive) holidays yet, let our trove of Christmas decorations and how-tos spruce up your home this season. No matter how much time you have, we have a smart décor idea for you. Spruce up your front door—and the entire house—with our fresh ideas for DIY wreaths, Christmas tree decorations, mantel displays, seasonal centerpieces, and holiday bling of all kinds. Learn everything you need to know about Christmas lights, from putting them on a tree to hanging them on your house (and beyond). Find clever traditions and smart sanity savers to reduce your holiday stress (and amp up the holiday cheer). Have a small space? Not to worry: We have smart decorating ideas for you too, like this space-saving pom pom tree. And if you don’t have time to DIY, we’ve found beautiful decorations you can buy. When it’s all over, we’ll help you store all those beautiful decorations, too.

3 Super-Simple and Festive Holiday Trees for Your Wall

No room for a tree? Try any one of these easy-to-create alternatives instead.

Festive Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Simple tips and stylish shortcuts for trimming trees with ornaments, garlands, and more.

3 Easy and Festive Ways to Display Holiday Cards

Wondering what to do once you receive those holiday greetings in the mail? Here are three simple—yet statement-making—ways to present them.

Creative Ways to Decorate With Pinecones This Season

Sometimes the prettiest holiday decorations don’t actually come from the store. We know: It can seem daunting to DIY, especially during a time of the year when your to-do list is filled with other pressing tasks. But creating your own trimmings is not only a fun way to take a time-out; it also means more flexibility to craft something that suits your home’s existing décor. You can swap out colors (think silver or gold if you don’t love the traditional red and green), use new materials (try your hand at a ribbon wreath instead of the evergreen variety), or even bring a little bit of the outside in (yes, we think pinecones make a great choice). Though the Christmas tree or a wreath on the front door is an obvious way to add natural elements to your home, these out-of-the-box ideas are just as beautiful. Plus, it’s likely the guests at your annual dinner party have never seen these upscale holiday crafts before, so you might even have guests asking where they can buy their own. Once the holidays are over, you don’t have to quickly retire these items. Most of these crafts will look right at home until the first signs of spring.

How to Care for Your Holiday Plants and Flowers

You’ve got enough think about this holiday season, the last thing you want to do is worry about your poinsettia plant or mini evergreen dying. To help you pull off a beautiful space full of greenery and arrangements, garden lifestyle expert Carmen Johnston is sharing her best tips for caring for common Christmas plants and flowers. Whether you’re trying to get your wreath to last the whole season or gifting amaryllis bulbs to a friend, we’ve got you covered.

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Snowflake Decorations That Go Way Beyond Paper Cutouts

Remember those paper snowflakes you made in school (or maybe your children still bring them home every year)? They’re pretty and fun to make, but we suggest you put away the white paper and the scissors this year—or, at the very least, strongly consider adding these projects to the mix.

13 Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas

Capture the magic and brilliance of a classic holiday with simple inspiration and doable decorating tips.

Holiday Gingerbread Houses

We’ll be the first to admit these aren’t the easiest gingerbread houses on the market, but they are the most beautiful. The idea was to construct holiday houses without actually having to bake anything. Gingerbread that’s sturdy enough to build with is never tender and delicious to eat. So we skipped the cookies altogether in favor of pre-fab structural elements. The bonus? They already have straight edges! For those of you who’ve tried to raise a wonky side of a gingerbread house, you know what a luxury symmetry can be.