18 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas You Can Hang Indoors or Out

Flex your festive DIY skills and spread holiday cheer to every corner of your home.

white wreath made of pipe cleaners

Your Christmas decorating isn't really done without a wreath. Whether you're interested in delicate wreaths that add a festive touch to your kitchen or dress up your mantel, or something hardy that can weather the elements for your front door, there are plenty of DIY Christmas wreath ideas that'll wow your guests (and don't require a lot of crafting expertise, either).

See some of our favorite Christmas wreath ideas here for inspiration.

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Reindeer Wreath

Reindeer Wreath
Peter Carlsson/Getty Images

Add visual interest inside the wreath by showcasing ornaments that dangle to the center (like these wooden hearts) or nestling a charming little figure inside the wreath, like the deer. Faux foliage adds a touch of color to this everlasting wreath, made of straw that's been spray-painted white.

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Gingerbread Wreath

gingerbread homemade Christmas wreath
Cavan Images/Getty Images

You can bake your way to a beautiful indoor wreath—just a recipe or two of gingerbread, some royal icing or hot glue, and a wreath form or round of gingerbread will do the trick.

Don't have the time to bake? You can always do the same thing with royal icing and store-bought cookies.

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Bow Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Bow wreath
Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat; Styling: Vanessa Boer

Start with a circular foam board and attach bows all around with hot glue. If gold isn't your thing, mix in silver or multi-colored bows for flair that meets your style. The more bows, the better with this homemade wreath. (It'll last for years to come, so go all-in now for a wreath you can hang over and over again.)

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Mini Wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths - Mini hoop wreaths
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Perhaps a tad too small for the front door, these DIY wreaths are still a fun activity. Wrap pipe cleaners around an embroidery hoop and let the kids embellish with pom poms and felt leaves.

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Berry Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Berry Wreath
Nigel Cox

A tail of evergreens with bright pops of color replaces the usual big red bow in this wreath. You'll want an evergreen wreath, extra branches, and bunches of berries. You'll attach everything with floral wire, focusing on one half of the wreath for an asymmetrical final product.

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Pinecone Wreath

Christmas crafts ideas - Pinecone Wreath
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Because it can be difficult to get an even coat of paint in all of the nooks and crannies of a pinecone, we used pre-painted silver ones. In a pinch (or to save money), send the kids outside to gather pinecones and use the natural variety, or paint the tips white to give them a snowy effect.

For this DIY wreath, cut 6-inch strips of 24-gauge floral wire and wrap one strip around each pinecone, hiding the wire inside the scales. Place the pinecone on its side, and wrap the floral wire around the wire frame. Twist to secure. Once the wire base is completely covered, use a hot glue gun to glue a second layer of pinecones, laying the opposite way, on top of the first layer. Make a large bow out of wide ribbon and glue it to the bottom of the wreath, in between the first and second layer.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Note Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Note wreath
Melanie Acevedo

Hang an unadorned twig wreath in a spot where guests (or well-wishers passing outdoors) can't miss it—think your front door or in your entryway. Set out red Magic Markers and small plain cards on a table next to it. Post a little sign asking visitors to scribble a greeting or a wish for the upcoming New Year, along with their names, and have them slip the notes into the wreath.

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Flashy Illuminated Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Light wreath
Francesco Lagnese

Ring in the season with a brilliant mantelpiece. Start with a wire wreath frame (this one is 18 inches in diameter). Then wrap a string of lights around the frame, making sure to leave enough slack to reach the plug; otherwise use an extension cord.

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Cool and Wintry Wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Cool & Wintry
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

For this DIY wreath, opt for traditional seasonal colors, but have fun with stems in unique textures and shapes. We went for an asymmetrical look, but you can also arrange pinecones, stems, berries, and more more evenly for a more traditional look.

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Ornament Snowflake Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Ornament Snowflake Wreath
Emily Kinni

This DIY wreath has a minimalist, modern feel that anyone looking for non-traditional holiday decor will love.

Gather 36 plastic shatterproof ball ornaments in various sizes and glue six of the larger ones in a circle. Once that glue sets, glue the additional ornaments so they branch out into six different points and decrease in size as you move outward. Tie a ribbon to the top (you can glue it into place for more stability) and hang it on a door.

Craft developed by Morgan Levine.

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Vintage Bow Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Vintage Bow Wreath
Photo: Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Add cheer to your front door with traditional Christmas trimmings—shiny red ribbon and adhesive bows. Looking to stray from red this year? Just swap out the ribbon for another color—silver or gold would look just as beautiful.

Start with a styrofoam wreath shape and wrap ribbon tightly around it until the whole surface is covered. Glue the ribbon at each end to keep it in place. Add a cluster of adhesive bows, on a slight angle, to the base of your wreath. For hanging, make a loop of ribbon and glue it to the back.

Craft developed by Blake Ramsey.

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Mini Gumball Wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths - gumball wreaths
Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat; Styling: Morgan Levine

Wreaths aren't just for hanging on the front door. Let the kids make their own mini holiday flair with assorted colored gumballs, ribbon, and string. Mix and match colors for a fun-filled activity for all ages, then arrange them in the kitchen or near the tree for some homemade festivity.

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Two-Tone Wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Timeless & Two-Tone
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

Look for flowers made of wood or sturdy fabric, like burlap, that will hold their shape all year. Attach them to a faux wreath and swap in new bows as the seasons change for a year-round DIY wreath.

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Bright and Abundant Wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Bright & Abundant
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

Go to town with tiny ornaments on a faux or real wreath. The more, the better! Use a cohesive color scheme for a sophisticated look, or go wild with colors and shapes for a more eclectic one.

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Pinecone Wreath

DIY Christmas wreaths - Pinecone ornament wreath
Ditte Isager

A simple way to make a pinecone wreath your own: Decorate it with colorful ornaments. Dangling them, rather than nestling them, highlights the beauty of the ornaments.

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Nordic and Natural Wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Nordic & Natural
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

Wooden animals give this neutral (but playful!) DIY wreath a foresty feel. Start with a faux wreath and fun shapes; together, they make a perfectly whimsical piece of holiday decor.

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Classic Wreath

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Old-School & Classic
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

Nestle groups of bells and glitter-frosted pinecones in the branches of a faux wreath. Tie it all together with a plaid bow.

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Tactile and Colorful

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Tactile & Colorful
Photo: Bryan Gardner; Floral styling: Livia Cetti

Multicolor pom-poms add playfulness to a standard base wreath. (We used an artificial 24" option.) Hang a quirky ornament or monogram in the center for personality.

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