Channel your inner Clark Griswold.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated December 08, 2016
Warner Bros.

No holiday break is complete without a family viewing of Christmas Vacation (if you haven’t seen it, you can buy or rent it right now on Amazon). Most families can relate to at least one of the Christmas fails the Griswolds' face, but the film makes us all grateful for those minor missteps—yes, your uncle can be a handful, but at least he's no cousin Eddie. Whether you’ve watched it so many times that you have the dialogue memorized or you need a refresher, below are some standout moments from the film we think everyone can sympathize with.

Warner Bros.

Getting a Tree Is Always an Adventure.

The family treks all the way to a Christmas tree farm—an adventure not without mishap, as they get stuck under a logging truck. When they finally get the tree home, it doesn’t fit. Why? Because Clark insisted on having the biggest tree in the lot (his holiday enthusiasm is unmatched). There’s an important decorating lesson here—always measure your space before picking out big ticket items.

Setting Up the Tree Never Goes Smoothly.

What is it about that box of ornaments we store in the attic? No matter how neatly you put the decorations away, the tree topper ends up cracked and the garlands are completely tangled. Trimming the tree can be quite an undertaking (cutting down branches, getting covered in sap... you know the drill), but remember to be grateful you don’t have an Uncle Lewis who will just burn down your holiday masterpiece.

Stringing Lights Is Harder Than It Seems, Too.

To create a dazzling holiday display, Clark spends all day painstakingly outfitting his home in 250 sets of lights with 100 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 25,000 twinkling lights. You know that feeling of elation right before plugging in the lights, anticipating the oncoming explosion of brightness. Unfortunately, in Clark's case, that feeling fizzled when the lights simply wouldn't turn on. Important tech lesson: make sure the cord is plugged in.

There's Always One Relative...

While you might not have a cousin Eddie, almost everyone knows what it's like to host out-of-town guests that make themselves feel a little too at-home, call out inappropriate comments, or just drive everyone crazy.

Something Is Always Burning.

Clark is primed and ready to carve the turkey—“If this tastes half as good as it looks, we’re in for a real treat!”—but it dissolves at the touch of his knife. Disappointing? Definitely. But we’ve all had that one holiday dinner where an essential dish didn’t quite make it. That’s okay... take-out was invented for a reason!

Pets Cannot Be Trusted Around Trees.

Although lets just hope the worst they do is break an ornament, not unplug the tree and get electrocuted.

Someone Is Bound to Freak Out.

Though Clark’s entire eggnog-fueled rant is NSFW, we can all agree on one thing: After days spent with in-laws, hours cooking in the kitchen and wrapping gifts, we’re all in need of some Tylenol. And, let's be honest, a “Jelly of the Month Club” is not exactly on anyone’s wish list.