26 Christmas Quotes to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Spread holiday cheer with these quotes and sayings—perfect for Christmas cards, invitations, or that inspiration board.

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Christmas quotes are tricky, mostly because Christmas means something different to everyone. It can be a very personal holiday, or it can be an excuse for showering everyone you know and love with Christmas gifts. (For many people, it's both.) Between sending out Christmas cards (with Christmas card sayings and all), coming up with smart gift exchange ideas, and sending Merry Christmas notes or season's greetings to everyone you can't spend the holidays with, there are plenty of opportunities to put Christmas quotes to work, as long as you can find the right ones.

Sometimes, the right saying can take you from seasonal gloom to festive cheer, and using that Christmas quote for Instagram (or your social media of choice) is a great way to spread the holiday love. (So is setting up a binge-watching marathon of Christmas movies on Netflix. Nothing says "I'm excited for the holidays" quite like hours of watching actors put on their best cheerful holiday faces.)

Whether you're trying to add a little humor to your holiday party invitations, find the just-right quote for your Instagram or letterboard, or just think of something smart to say in response to wishes of "Merry Christmas," these inspirational, funny, and meaningful Christmas quotes have you covered. Whatever your intended purpose for them, they'll help you—and everyone else who reads them—remember what the season is all about. Next on your holiday to-do list: Figure out how to put lights on a Christmas tree.

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Benjamin Franklin

Best Christmas quotes - Benjamin Franklin
Emma Darvick
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Clement Clarke Moore

Best Christmas quotes - Clement Clarke Moore
Emma Darvick
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Will Ferrell

Best Christmas quotes - Will Ferrell, Elf
Emma Darvick
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Frank Cross

Best Christmas quotes - Frank Cross, Scrooged
Emma Darvick
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Dr. Seuss

Best Christmas quotes - Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Emma Darvick
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Charles Dickens

Best Christmas quotes - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
Emma Darvick
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It's a Wonderful Life

Best Christmas quotes - It’s a Wonderful Life
Emma Darvick
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Andy Rooney

Best Christmas quotes - Andy Rooney
Emma Darvick
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J.K. Rowling

Best Christmas quotes - J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Emma Darvick
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Dr. Seuss

Best Christmas quotes - Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Emma Darvick
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Ellen Griswold

Best Christmas quotes - Ellen Griswold, Christmas Vacation
Emma Darvick
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Washington Irving

Best Christmas quotes - Washington Irving
Emma Darvick
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Carrie Fisher

Best Christmas quotes - Carrie Fisher
Emma Darvick
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Bob Hope

Best Christmas quotes - Bob Hope
Emma Darvick
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Charles M. Schulz

Best Christmas quotes - Charles M. Schulz
Emma Darvick
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David Cameron

Best Christmas quotes - David Cameron
Emma Darvick
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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Best Christmas quotes - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Emma Darvick
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Thomas Tusser

Best Christmas quotes - Thomas Tusser
Emma Darvick
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Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Best Christmas quotes - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Emma Darvick
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Edna Ferber

Best Christmas quotes - Edna Ferber
Emma Darvick
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Marjorie Holmes

Best Christmas quotes - Marjorie Holmes
Emma Darvick
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Jesse Jackson

Best Christmas quotes - Jesse Jackson
Emma Darvick
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Calvin Coolidge

Best Christmas quotes - Calvin Coolidge
Emma Darvick
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Carol Nelson

Best Christmas quotes - Carol Nelson
Emma Darvick
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Harlan Miller

Best Christmas quotes - Harlan Miller
Emma Darvick
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Freya Stark

Best Christmas quotes - Freya Stark
Emma Darvick
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