Pull together these simple centerpieces in no time.

By Valerie Rains
Updated December 09, 2013
Annie Schlechter

There’s no need to clutter the table with a bulky bouquet. When the house is all done up for the holidays, single-ingredient solutions look spectacular.

  • Fill an oversize ceramic pitcher with one festive green (magnolia, bay leaves, cedar). If guests bring flowers, you can add them to the mix.
  • Poinsettias snipped off a supermarket plant and stuck in individual bud vases are dramatic solo or in clusters. No need to match vases: Make use of creamers and pretty juice glasses, and spread red throughout the house.
  • Get a sweet, crafty look with individual berry stems inside small clear glass vessels (jars or bottles). With a little water in the bottom anda sprig of winterberry or holly (or any red berry) about as tall as the container, you have a lovely sculptural display—like a minimalist snow globe. Line some up along a windowsill.