Got kids? Pass along these to-dos, with a few bucks—or a promise not to nag about holiday-break homework until December 28.

By Valerie Rains
As you set up the tree, don’t forget the oldie, but goodie trick of placing a tree bag beneath your Frasier Fir (or evergreen of your choice) to make future cleanup easier. Keep it covered with the tree skirt and no one will be the wiser (until disposal day comes around!). Keep the tree well-watered (it needs about a gallon a day) to keep it healthy and to prevent more needles from falling. Once you’ve got it all set up, if those vintage ornaments seem a little dull, revive their shine by applying a coat of clear or glittery nail polish. Voila—shiny as new!
Dan Winters

Updating contacts: Tech-obsessed tweens won’t mind typing addresses from incoming cards into a document or your phone.

Addressing cards: This may be the only time all year when your text-happy kids have a reason to utilize their penmanship skills.

Ironing holiday linens: Older kids can handle this pressing matter, especially since there are no tricky collars or angled seams to work around.

Salting the sidewalks: It’s like asking kids to spill and make a mess. Large red Solo cups work as scoops, so they don’t have to lug the heavy container.