All I want for Christmas is another Aldi advent calendar made of cheese, OK Santa?

By Claudia Fisher
Updated November 27, 2018
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Every morning at work for the past two weeks, I’ve snuck over to our food editors’ private fridge and stolen a piece of cheese from their 2018 Aldi advent calendar.

I’m confessing this here (sorry, food editors) because I feel obligated to turn my devious cheese theft into an act of public service. I loved this cheese advent calendar so much that I want to shout it from the internet rooftops no matter the shame that befalls my cubicle and the coal that gets stuffed into my stocking.

To be honest, I’ve never really gotten the whole advent calendar hullabaloo. Granted, I don’t usually have one of my own, but I’ve still seen and tried my fair share of the customary holiday snacks—usually in chocolate form.

Maybe because I’m more of a cheese person or maybe because I had never seen an advent calendar more like a charcuterie platter than a dessert tray, but Aldi’s festive cheese product threw me for a loop in the best way possible. Unfortunately for our senior food editor Ananda, who was mailed the delectable pre-holiday gift, I devoured the entire thing… and it’s not even December yet. When first sampling the box, I realized my love for Red Leicester cheese. Next, I moved on to the white cheddar—literally tearing apart the box, nary a care for what day it was or what order the cheese cubes were supposed to be eaten in.

What, was I supposed to wait until December or something?

Unfortunately (albeit unsurprisingly), the Aldi advent calendar—along with the wine advent calendar—sold out within literal minutes, according to USA Today. (Here are other wine advent calendars we love.) Fortunately, you can still get your hands on a cheese advent calendar from other stores. New this year, Target is selling a cheese advent calendar from the food blogger behind So Wrong It's Nom. The cheese advent calendar was big in the UK last year, and this year features 24 individually wrapped mini cheeses for $24. Find a store stocking the delicious Christmas decor here.

If you can't get your hands on a cheese advent calendar, you can always make your own like this woman did last year. I’m willing to bet six of Santa’s elves however you eat cheese this December will be tasty.

So eat your cheese in advent, block, or string form; pop it open as a snack or for breakfast—who am I to judge? I’m basically the Grinch who stole my coworker’s cheese.