Yes, “the sky’s the limit” is a nice sentiment. But why not think a little outside the box this year?

What does one say to a new graduate? There is so much to be said. Congrats, for starters. But what about all the wisdom you have tucked away in your brain? You want to share it all, but where to start? And have they already heard it a thousand times? Rather than rack your brain for just the right words, let someone else do the talking for you. No, it’s not the lazy way out—it’s the creative way. There are hundreds of cards online—from silly to serious, from sentimental to thought provoking. Let those greeting cards do the talking and add your own insight inside. Most of these cards are blank inside, so you’ll have plenty of space to pen your own message, should you have more to say (and we’re pretty sure you do!). And once you’ve picked the perfect card, don’t forget to pick up a little token to go with it. Yes, cash is great (and so necessary for many new grads), but they’re sure to appreciate something with a little more thought behind it, too. In addition to these cards, our editors have carefully selected tons of gifts for grads. You’ll find personalized gifts, items just for college grads, helpful books, and more, so you can shake the stress that comes with shopping for just the right thing. In just a few minutes and with just a few clicks, you’ll have the perfect card and the perfect gift for the new grad in your life.

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