12 Holiday Cards That Are So 2020

These cards are chef’s-kiss perfect for the kind of year we’ve all been through. 

The perfectly polished professional pictures of everyone dressed in their matching holiday best, the grinning snapshots from your summer grand tour of somewhere fabulous and far away, the humblebrags about all the activities your kids have piled on their plates—they're all so 2019.

For a year like the one we've all just been through, we need a different kind of holiday card. One that lets us get a little too real, with our overgrown quarantine hair, drive-by birthday parties, toilet paper hoarding and sourdough baking. One that expresses just how much we all miss each other, now that staying physically apart is the best way to show that we care.

If you're looking for that kind of holiday card, you're in luck. There's a whole slew of hilarious and heartfelt designs out there that speak to exactly the kind of year 2020 has been, and our hope that a better year is just around the corner.

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Weirdest. Year. Ever Card

Pandemic Holiday Photo Card

When murder hornets and a mulleted guy with a tiger-hoarding problem are barely a blip on the radar of wild news stories, you know this definitely qualifies as one of the weirdest years. Let your kids wear their quarantine Halloween costumes for this weird holiday photo.

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Six Feet Apart But Close At Heart Card

Six Feet Apart Holiday Photo Card

Let your loved ones know you miss them—especially if visiting them for the holidays isn't in the cards this year. Add a picture of your crew giving virtual hugs for a sweet holiday greeting.

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Good Riddance New Year's Card

Good Riddance New Year's Card

If you're giving 2020 a one-star review, you'll probably appreciate this Shutterfly holiday photo card's bold messaging. Maybe this year, your family will give the year an appropriate finger gesture in the photo.

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Quaranteaming Holiday Card

Quaranteaming Holiday Photo Card

If you're accentuating the positive this holiday season, focus on how your family came together to make it through the toughest times of the pandemic. Share a pic of your quaranteam doing what they've done best—chilling on the couch with the remote, taking up a quarantine hobby—with this holiday card.

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Social Distancing Holiday Cards

Socially Distanced Holiday Card

If you aren't in the mood to share a photo this year, these sleek cards send your socially distanced (but still warm-hearted) greetings.

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2020 Shelter-in-Place Review

Shelter-in-Place Holiday Card

If you're the type who likes to share a family newsletter holiday card, here's one perfectly suited to the year that was—where you can share your secret for scoring toilet paper and the highlights of your summer staycation. (And that one pic from the before times when you actually went out of your house.)

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Well-Wishes Holiday Card

Well Wishes Photo Card

If you spent the year accentuating the positive, share that vibe in your holiday card—along with a smiley-happy picture of your family.

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Stay At Ho-Ho-Home Card

Stay At Home Santa Holiday Card

Let this stylish Santa (from this female artist-created holiday card series by StitchFix and Society 6) try to work his magic and encourage your loved ones to stay home.

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Really Long Time Card

Long Year Holiday Card

If it feels like 2020 lasted about 364 days too long, you can share that sentiment—along with your wishes for a better trip around the sun next year. (A group photo of everyone collapsed on the couch in exhaustion would be the perfect addition.)

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Everything Is Fine Holiday Card

This seemed to be the sentiment for 2020—especially when it was paired with the meme of the cartoon dog sitting calmly amidst the flames. You'll get bonus points if you photoshop your family into the meme as the holiday photo.

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Quaranteam Zoom Card

Zoom Holiday Card

If Zoom dominated your year, you might like this holiday card. (Just make sure your pandemic puppy gets his own square—and add one darkened screen with just a name on it for accuracy.)

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Less Stress, More Joy Holiday Card

Stress Less Holiday Photo Card

This minimalist card from Postable shares everyone's most universal wish for the new year. Include your most zen pic of your family to continue the peaceful vibe.

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