From major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day to smaller celebrations like birthdays and graduations, every gathering is worth a little extra attention and effort. We’ve got entertaining, gifting, and hosting guides for them all, with menu ideas, recipes, table settings, decorations, and more.

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The 21 Best Advent Calendars for 2020

One of the greatest parts of Christmas is that the festivities last a whole season, not just a day, in part thanks to celebration-ready advent calendars. If you’re a more-the-merrier type or love jumping straight into holiday preparations, advent calendars are a great way to celebrate every day leading up to Christmas. Include one with your Christmas wreath and Christmas tree decorations preparations, and you have a piece of holiday decor that treats you, just a tiny bit, every day. Between sifting through white elephant gift ideas and figuring out gifts for teens, picking an advent calendar can be tricky, especially if you use disposable ones that are replaced each year. Plus, families use advent calendars to celebrate differently. Some families have reusable calendars that they share and gather around every day of the season; others purchase new calendars (even one for everyone in the family) each year, giving everyone a chance to celebrate every day. However you celebrate—or if you’re trying to start a new tradition—these top advent calendars of 2019 have you covered. Advent calendars just keep getting smarter, with versions that feature snacks, drinks, treats, and more. For best results, order your advent calendar for 2019 before the season starts; some in-high-demand calendars (think cheese advent calendars or wine advent calendars from top grocery stores) run out of stock before the holiday season even begins, just like the best Christmas gifts. To kick off the festive feeling before December 1, pick up or order one of these colorful, smile-sparking calendars and bring a little holiday magic to the December days leading up to Christmas. (Advent calendars typically come in either 12- or 24-day increments.) From chocolate and wine to LEGOs and makeup, these Christmas advent calendars will bring a healthy dose of cheer to any wanna-be Grinch.

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