The holiday struggle is real—but it doesn’t have to be. Try these clever tricks to simplify everything from decorating to shopping.

By Lauren Phillips
October 26, 2018
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Life hacks are amazing—find a person who disagrees, and we’ll find a life hack to help convince him or her otherwise. These clever tips and tricks work especially well during the holidays, when life can be more stressful than ever. Now, thanks to the new book Holiday Hacks: Easy Solutions to Simplify the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ($11;, you could keep a condensed, convenient list of effective hacks on-hand all season long.

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This new book from Keith Bradford, the life hack–genius behind, includes a whopping 670 holiday hacks that apply to everything from easing holiday stress to coping post-holidays. Read on for our favorite hacks from Bradford’s new collection, and check out the book for all 670 tips:

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