To create a timeless look with modern appeal, opt for classic paper patterns with an updated twist (like glittery plaid or oversize gingham). Then add an unexpected adornment for a gorgeous traditional gift wrapping look.

By Stephanie Sisco with Mary Honkus
November 14, 2018
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As you know, the holiday season is prime gift wrapping time. And, every once in a while, receiving a present that is beautifully packaged can be better than the actual item inside.

You, too, can give one of those gifts that are (almost) too pretty to open by spicing up your gift wrapping routine with these simple strategies. Half of the fun of giving a gift is wrapping it—really! Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Blasting holiday tunes and humming along to Mariah Carey’s holiday album while putting together a special present for a loved one can make this task even more enjoyable.

If you are aiming for more of a traditional look, opt for classic paper patterns with updated twists. Consider glittery plaid or oversize gingham patterned paper or burlap and twine as ribbon. The addition of an unexpected adornment makes the package feel more current. Think fleece-lined ribbon, faux greenery garland, or a new ornament for their holiday tree.

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Pair decorative wraps with complementary trinkets to make your gifts look more personal and well thought out. Match a wintery frozen pond themed paper with a laser cut ice skate ornament. Or, for more classic holiday cheer, attach a trio of jingle bells to the package for a crisp and refined look.

Use ribbons made from satin or velvet as an unexpected surprise full of texture and dimension atop the pretty package. Consider all of your recipient’s senses when creating your gift giving experience and it will delight him or her even more (think fuzzy ribbon or cinnamon sticks). Top it all off with ornaments, pinecones, or stocking stuffers as embellishments.

Take a look at the following traditional gift wrapping ideas for even more inspiration on how to wrap the prettiest presents ever. Happy wrapping!

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