Personalize your giftwrap with a bow made from the pages of a book.

By Real Simple
Updated September 29, 2010
Credit: James Wojcik

What you'll need: (All supplies should be available at your local craft store)

  • An old book, preferably hardcover so the pages are larger
  • Scissors or a utility knife
  • A small stapler
  • Adhesive glue dots

1. Select a book page and cut it lengthwise into nine strips, ¾-inch wide. If you’re using smaller book you might need to cut up multiple pages. Leave three of the strips full-length. Cut one inch off three of the strips. Cut two inches off two of the strips. Cut the last strip down to 3 ½-inches long.

2. Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple it in the center. Shape the last, short strip into a circle and secure it with a glue dot.

3. Layer the three longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot. Add the next two groups of pieces, doing the same. And finally, stick the small circle into the center.