You’ll be sure to earn some laughs this season by wrapping your Hanukkah gifts in this hilarious and celebratory paper.

By Real Simple
Updated December 02, 2016

This Hanukkah season, don’t limit yourself to plain or cookie-cutter style wrapping paper. A new company, Dreidels in Space, has just launched with three modern styles of paper to choose from instead. The creator’s grandparents, who hosted her family’s Hanukkah party each year, inspired the company’s spunky style. “Nana and Hal infused our holiday with warmth and humor, so we wanted to incorporate that into our holiday paper,” says creator Laura Goodman.

They have done just that with the three paper styles the company has launched with. The brand’s namesake design—“Dreidels in Space”—depicts orbiting dreidels among constellations and rocket ships. Another, entitled “Eight Days of Oy,” portrays a few of the fixin’s for a Hanukkah celebration—like latkes, applesauce, and gelt—along with caricatures of Nana and Hal. The third and final design of the season—“It’s a Hanukkah Miracle”—plays off the holiday’s menorah tradition and illustrates it being lit under water.

At first glance, a fun pattern appears. Look a little harder and you can find all the funny and clever details. “We’re here to fill the gaping, matzo ball-size void in the party supply universe that’s desperately in need of some Jewish space spunk,” says Goodman. Be sure to order yours before the holiday rush. Each style is sold in a 2-foot by 9-foot roll, with free shipping on order over $40. “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for the Jewish holidays.”

To buy: $19 per 9-foot roll,