3 Unique Ways to Wrap a Gift

Add some extra details to your holiday gifts with these paper techniques. Here’s how to create pop-up, pleated, and fringe-adorned presents.


Pretty Pleated Gift Wrap

Photo by Emily Kinni

Add a pleated band to an already-wrapped gift for some structure and sophistication. First, wrap the gift in the paper of your choice. Cut a piece of complementary paper and fold accordion-style, then wrap the band around the box and secure with tape. For a finishing touch, tuck a gift tag into the pleats.

Watch the how-to: Pretty Pleated Gift Wrap


Festive Fringe Accents

Photo by Emily Kinni

Add some glamorous flair to a wrapped present with these tassels. Fringe small strips of paper, then roll and secure with glue. Draw three arcs on the front of the present and glue the tassels to the box.

Watch the how-to: Festive Fringe Accents


Pop Up Gift Wrap

Photo by Emily Kinni

For a 3D accent, take your favorite patterned wrapping paper, cut out shapes or silhouettes with an X-acto knife, and wrap the gift. Then, carefully fold up the shapes and press hard on each crease to make sure it stays up.

Watch the how-to: Pop Up Gift Wrap