Because books make the best presents.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 04, 2017
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Reading Books Might Help You Live Longer
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Giving a book is hands-down one of the best present ideas, no matter if the lucky recipient is a fan of graphic novels, historical fiction, or beautiful photo books. But how do you possibly wrap this predictably-shaped present to reflect the fun and mystery of diving into a fresh read? The publishing company Simon & Schuster's latest Instagram giveaway may have the most clever solution yet. The company asked readers to set up lucky recipients on a #blinddatewithabook, and photos marked with the hashtag were entered into a giveaway.

The idea of a book blind date is simple—just wrap the book in inexpensive craft paper (or repurpose a brown paper shopping bag), then write clues to the book that’s hiding inside. The clues can allude to the plot or characters, or write hints like, “For fans of John Green.” The second the recipient gets the package, they’ll know immediately there’s a book inside, but the clues turn what would be an unsurprising present into a guessing game, bringing some fun and suspense back to the gift-giving process.

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For a fresh spin on the White Elephant gift exchange, ask everyone to bring a “book blind date" to the party, and have guests take their pick based on the clever descriptions. Finding a new-favorite thriller or a page-turning memoir is much better than getting a singing fish or a llama-shaped duster, right?

Give this one to your best friend and partner in crime.

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Rather than write out a full description of the book, follow @hereforevermore’s lead and write just a few key curiosity-piquing words.