Forget the bouquet that wilts within a week—these miracle roses last for up to 12 months.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 22, 2018
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Red roses may be the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, but if you’ve ever spent $100 on a bouquet, only to see it wilt a few days later, it can be a heartbreaking present. To avoid the disappointment this year and give a gift that represents your everlasting love, our beauty director Heather Muir has found the perfect solution: Eternity Roses from Venus et Fleur.

It may sound like something dreamed up in a Disney movie, but this time, the Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose has come to life. Eternity roses look, feel, and smell like real roses—because they are real roses. The difference is that they’ve been cut during peak bloom, and then treated with Venus et Fleur’s special, top-secret solution and color pigmentation process so that they can last for much longer than your standard garden-variety blooms. All of the roses are sourced in Ecuador, and are then fed the magic mix that makes them last.

Don't believe that these blooms can actually outlive most of your houseplants? Neither did we—that is, until Heather Muir, Real Simple's beauty director, received them as a gift. "As a beauty editor, I’m lucky to get the most beautiful bouquets, and while they’re so gorgeous in the moment, I’m always a little sad when they wilt and it’s time to throw them away (they’re expensive after all!). So when a company sent me four white roses from Venus et Fleur over six months ago, I was so intrigued—they look fresh and real yet require zero maintenance. I keep them on my desk and they look exactly like they did the day I first received them," says Muir. The true sign that these flowers are the perfect present? Muir was inspired to give them as a gift herself. "I love them so much, I just sent a box to my best friend as a housewarming gift the day she moved into her new apartment."

Because these flowers are a little different than the roses you’ll find at the florist, you’ll need to follow special care instructions to make sure they thrive for a full year. The most important thing to remember: don’t water them. Your first instinct may be to pop these beauties in a vase of fresh water, but according to Venus et Fleur’s care tips, keeping them in the original box and away from water and direct sunlight is ideal. And if they start to get a little dusty after months on display? Just clean the petals gently with a duster.

High-quality roses don’t come cheap—and these eternity roses are even pricier—but just consider it an investment in a gift that keeps on giving. Choose from a single perfect rose in seven different colors, which comes in a petite Parisian-style box, for $39, or create a truly extravagant display with the 16-rose box for $299. Schedule an order for February 14, then get ready for an entire year’s worth of Valentine’s blooms.