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30 Eco-Friendly Gifts You'll Feel Good About Giving
Finding a great gift is hard enough—but challenging yourself to find an eco-friendly gift that's as good for the planet as it is for your loved one can be even harder.  Sure, you can always gift experiences, like tickets to a show or a cooking class, but if you want a more tangible environmentally friendly gift idea, here are a few suggestions to get you started. 
5 Ways to Gift Money Digitally—That Don't Involve Cash
Money is a great gift to give—but you don't always want to give a wad of cash. Here are unique, digital ways to gift money that your loved ones are sure to appreciate.
The Ultimate Year-by-Year Anniversary Gift Guide
From the first to the 50th (and beyond), there's a special anniversary gift to commemorate the big day.
26 Great Housewarming Gifts Anyone Would Love to Have in Their New Home
By helping someone you care about fill their home—whether it's their first apartment, the first house they own, or just a new location—with practical, beautiful items, you're helping to set them up for success and comfort, no matter what comes next. 
25 Personalized Gifts They Can Truly Call Their Own
This season, give the people on your list presents that have their names written all over them. (Literally.)