Know a friend or loved one who had a really bad year? Whether it was major (a death in the family, a diagnosis, or a lost job) or just a string of smaller frustrations, send one of these thoughtful presents, with the hope of a better year to come.

Inspirational quotes can sometimes get a little grating. Sweeten the message—literally—with this whimsical print. To buy: $5 for a four-by-six-inch print,

“Kept Going” Everyday Bravery Pins

There’s never been a medal for just getting out of bed in the morning—until now. Sometimes putting one foot in front of the other feels like the biggest accomplishment, and these “everyday bravery” enamel pins from one of our favorites, Emily McDowell, recognizes that.

To buy: $10,

“Lean on Me” Idiom Pillow

A lovely throw for the couch or bed, but with an extra layer of meaning—your loved one has much more than just a pillow to lean on, and this will be a subtle daily reminder that you’re there any time.

To buy: $50,

Snowflake Obsidian Courage Bracelet

Know someone who could use a little extra strength? Obsidian beads, which line this layering pull-tie bracelet, are thought to symbolize courage. Available in silver or gold.

To buy: $38,

Succulent Living Wall Planter

For someone coping with a loss or simply in need of a bright spot, flowers are nice. But permanent flowers are even better. That’s what you get with this succulent wall planter—like a living art installation for hanging or placing on a table, either inside or out.

To buy: $110,

Donut Ever Give Up Print

Inspirational quotes can sometimes get a little grating. Sweeten the message—literally—with this whimsical print.

To buy: $5 for a four-by-six-inch print,

Random Acts of Kindness Kit

Pick up someone else’s tab. Pay a genuine compliment. Sometimes a shift in perspective starts with making another person’s day better. The chain can start with the prompts on these intentional acts of kindness cards.

To buy: From $10,

Broken Objects Journal

Journaling can be healing. Make the process even better with one that feature’s an inspiring quote from Emily McDowell on the cover: “In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, which adds to its beauty. Consider this when you feel broken.” Wow.

To buy: $18,

Cookies Every Night Subscription

Normally we don’t endorse eating your feelings. But sometimes life just demands a cookie. Send a care package with an entire month’s worth of them to a friend in need.

To buy: $54 per month for three months,

Dogs and Their People: Photos and Stories of Life With a Four-Legged Love, by BarkPost

We dare you not to crack a smile while paging through these 200 stories of dogs (some are well-known, others not so much) and the humans who love them, all curated by the writers at BarkPost.

To buy: $15,

Mixed Wine Club

Wine may not be able to cure all, but it can help you forget for a bit. Deliver two bottles a month (one red and one white) with a Plonk Wine Club subscription. A corkscrew comes with the first shipment to keep things extra convenient.

To buy: $150 per month for three months,

Fresh Start Labradorite Crystal

Friends Casey and Jonathan started Juju Suppy Co. after “reconnect[ing] in the wake of cancer and divorce,” according to their website. "They began their partnership by sharing their most beloved lucky charms—tying things on each other, passing back and forth amulets, crystals, talismans, and trinkets as morale boosters and reminders of brighter days ahead.” The founders believe everyday objects can be transformed when they’re chosen with intention. Try this “fresh start” labradorite, which is said to symbolize adventure. It’s perfect for someone in need of their own fresh start this coming year.

To buy: $45,

Golden Lights Wreath by Real Simple

Send a little holiday spirit with this welcoming wreath. If you know someone isn’t up for all-out decorating this season—maybe it’s a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one or she’s too tired from work—it will add a simple, but beautiful touch to her home.

To buy: $60, (Use code RSGG for 20 percent off)

2016 Pinata

So 2016 really has been a no good, very bad year? Help her bid it farewell (with the hope of something sweet at the end) by beating its piñata form. Hello, catharsis.

To buy: $29,