Coffee tastes better when it’s this personalized. 

By Ananda Eidelstein
November 28, 2017
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driftaway coffee
Driftaway Coffee

There are two kinds of people in the world: coffee people and not coffee people. Frankly, I don’t understand the latter. But for coffee people, there’s Driftaway Coffee. This Brooklyn-based roaster offers personalized coffee subscriptions that not only helps the java drinker find the perfect coffee for them but also connects customers to their coffee farmer. I’ve looked for something like this to gift in the past and have yet to find it. 

It all starts with a tasting kit of four coffees each belonging to a different profile: fruity, bold, classic, and balanced. After you give them a try, you can then rate the coffees on the Driftaway app or website so future deliveries come just how you like it, or discover new profiles you might not have thought of before—for me, that was fruity.

After that, based on your own consumption you can choose among 7 oz., 11 oz., 1 lb., or 2 lb. sizes in the flavor profile of choice. But because the founders can sympathize with having different preferences, they sometimes split a shipment based on two individuals’ preferences in a household. 

The packaging is gorgeous and each 2 oz. bag in the starter kit is labeled with where it’s from, specific tasting notes, profile, date it was roasted, and who it’s for. I love that mine is personalized with my name on it and for a bag of balanced coffee beans from Guatemala the tasting notes are chocolate, cola, and lemon. The single origin coffee beans are shipped six hours from roasting and every coffee comes with the story of the grower. Such a special touch that is also very interesting and educational. Driftaway’s Bean for Bean mission is one we can stand behind in which every bag contributes to sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers.

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