By Real Simple
Updated October 19, 2016
Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter
This edible Secret Santa gift is for the coworker or friend who appreciates the importance of having fresh herbs at the ready. These amazing mini herb gardens use a simple, passive hydroponic system to nurture and grow fresh greens—basil, parsley, and cilantro—right inside. All they need to do is plant the organic seeds (included), add water to the reservoir, and set the jar by a sunny window or under a grow light. To buy: $18;
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Matched with someone who’s known for her green thumb? Why not give her a reminder that days filled with summer sunshine will be here before she knows it? Ensure her garden is filled with happy, towering sunflowers with this all-in-one kit. All she has to do is plant the included seeds directly in the jute bag. Once it starts to grow, she can just plant the bag (it’s biodegradable!) directly in the soil. Come blooming time, the sunflowers will tower over 10 feet. The kit makes growing these joyful flowers so easy that it makes a great first foray for aspirational gardeners, too.

To buy: $13,