How to Create a Gift Wrap Station—Even if You Don't Have Any Space

See how Simply host Haley Cairo upped her gift wrap game while taking up just a sliver of her closet.

We've all seen those Instagram-ready gift wrap stations people set up in their homes. But if you don't have a whole lot of excess square footage to designate just for wrapping, you're in luck—with just a little bit of closet space and a few key products, you can create your own station.

Simply host Haley Cairo uses a gift wrap organizer that hangs in her closet to hold everything she needs—gift wrap, tissue paper, bags, tags, tape, and scissors. In the same closet, she stashes a few extra great-for-everyone gifts that she can use in a pinch—something neutral like a robe and slippers that anyone can use.

When shopping for wrapping paper, look for rolls that have a grid printed on one side of the paper to help guide your cuts for a professional-looking wrap. For irregularly shaped items, opt for a gift bag decked out with ribbon and gift tags. (Bonus: the recipient can reuse the gift bag!)

Watch the video for Haley's tips, then shop her products to create your own mini gift wrapping station.

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Hanging Gift Wrap and Bag Organizer Combo

Gift Wrap Organizer

This double-sided gift wrap and bag organizer has generously sized clear pockets so you can see exactly what you have with a quick glance—and to organize your bows, bags, and wrapping tools in one place.

The organizer can also be used free-standing, so you can have it by your side when it's time to wrap gifts.

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Haven™ Waffle Organic Cotton Robe

Haven Waffle-Weave White Organic Cotton Robe

Never be empty-handed again when you need a last-minute gift. Haley loves gifting this soft, waffle-weave organic cotton robe, which will be welcomed by pretty much everyone.

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Haven™ Large Criss Cross Slippers

Haven Criss-Cross White Slippers

Haley also keeps extra pairs of these cute criss-cross slippers around to give as holiday gifts.

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