42 Secret Santa Gifts Perfect for Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Beyond

From fashion for your plants to some funny pet portraits, you'll find the perfect gift from this wide array of options.

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Secret Santa is a great way for large groups of friends, family, and coworkers to affordably exchange gifts in an organized manner without ruining the surprise or spending beyond their respective budgets. But this inclusive present swap can sometimes stump even the best gift-givers, especially when paired with someone they're not that close with.

To help jump start your search, we scoured the market looking for worthy finds to suit everyone on your list. From candles to cocktail kits, any coworker, friend, or family member will appreciate receiving one of these presents during a Secret Santa exchange.

Secret Santa Gift Tips

If you're looking to rock the secret Santa gift exchange, skip the standard gifts like gift cards or basic gift sets and really get personal, says expert gifting curator Laura Jennings for gifting site the Knack.

Do your research. If you get paired with someone you don't know super well, do recon by checking out their social media feeds, asking people they know, observing them to see what they like, and striking up a conversation, Jennings says. "Get a sense of what they do on their time away from work, what hobbies they have, and what they like."

Stick to the budget. It can be tempting to go overboard (especially when you've drawn one of your favorite people in the gift exchange). But going way over budget is a bad move. "If you bring a higher dollar-value item than everyone else because they stuck to the rules and you didn’t, it will make everyone feel awkward," Jennings says.

Think quality over quantity. More isn't necessarily better. "It’s better to purchase one high-quality item that makes a strong impression than multiple lesser-quality items that may end up unused and unappreciated."

Gift them something you love. Think about the things you enjoy in your life that they may appreciate, whether it's a favorite pair of slippers or some stellar chocolates, Jennings says. If it's something they may like, it's a great gift.

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For the Plant Parent: Verloop Knits Rib Planter Sleeve

Two plants in planters covered with brightly colored knit sleeves

Verloop Knits

These charming ribbed sleeves can give their favorite plants (or a vase) a fresh look (no repotting required!). They're made from surplus fabric, so it's an eco-friendly way to cozy up their treasured monstera or pothos plant.

Price at time of publish: $38

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For the Scented Candle Fan: Anecdote Candles

Jar candle with an orange label that says 2023 Smells Like Who Even knows

Anecdote Candles

Anecdote candles smell divine, and offer very specific scent profiles—like "adulting," a fig-and-cashmere scented candle that "smells like early nights and steady paychecks," or "coffee break," a french roast-and-coconut candle that "smells like procrastination and inspiration." Not sure which anecdote matches them? The orange and ginger flower 2023 candle might be a safe choice.

Price at time of publish: $26

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For the Licorice Lover (or Liker): Lakrids By Bülow Winter Selection

Silver box with round windows with colorful balls of chocolate-covered licorice

Lakrids by Bulow

Even someone who's a little lukewarm about licorice will dig into these pearls of Danish licorice, which taste absolutely nothing like the bags of the stuff you find in the grocery store. Each licorice pearl is enrobed in chocolate and flavored with rich caramel, chocolate, or fruit—and this box features both tried-and-true classic flavors and some seasonal picks perfect for the holidays.

Price at time of publish: $40

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For the Frequent Flier: Pinch Provisions Love This Journey For You Travel Kit

Green pouch travel kit named love this journey for you

Pinch Provisions

Ensure they have everything they need for their next trip with this sleek and stylish bag filled with everything they need, from an eye mask and ear plugs to bandages and mending kits.

Price at time of publish: $27

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For the Lavender Lover: Garten Variety Plant

lavender plant in a white plant adorned with dried orange slices and fairy lights

Farm Girl Flowers

This pretty lavender plant makes a stylish alternative tree for the holidays, adorned with dried orange slices and twinkle lights—then can help brighten up their home (or their garden) afterward.

Price at time of publish: $89

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For the Holiday Party Host: Ugly Sweater Appetizer Plates

Four appetizer plates, each with a different colorful Ugly Christmas Sweater

Uncommon Goods

These funky appetizer plates will add an extra dose of fun to their next Ugly Sweater party (or any other holiday gathering).

Price at time of publish: $30

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For the Dedicated Gamer (or the Guy Who's Always on the Computer): Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

White mouse with colorful accents and a beehive cutout along the top


This gamer-approved mouse is super light and responsive, wired so they don't have to worry about the battery conking out mid-game, and has fun little design features that make it just the right amount of flashy.

Price at time of publish: $44

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For the Person Who Needs to Step Away from the Screens: Digital Detox Kit

Kit including mindfulness dice, a tin of therapy dough, and digital detox cards


Know someone who spends a little too much time scrolling? This clever kit encourages them to step away from the screens, including soothing therapy dough, mindfulness dice that offer inspiration to live a more digital-free life, and a card deck with entertaining activities beyond the screen.

Price at time of publish: $55

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For the Person Who Lives in the Garden: Hori Hori Garden Knife

Wooden handled garden knife in a purple waxed canvas sheath


This clever tool is the ultimate garden multitasker, to help make digging, cutting away branches, and even hammering garden stakes a cinch.

Price at time of publish: $55

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For the Aspiring BBQ Master: Thermopop 2

Thermopop red cooking thermometer with a red sheath


Help them ensure that everything they grill is perfectly cooked with this super-accurate instant thermometer, which can help them ensure a steakhouse-worthy medium rare every time. (It also works for candy making and other cooking applications beyond the grill, too.)

Price at time of publish: $35

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For the Person Who Travels Light: Monos Metro Sling

Tan-colored pouch with passport, phone and sunglasses in it


This lightweight sling can fit all the essentials—smartphone, wallet, shades, and more—and has a hidden back pocket where you can keep the important stuff safely stashed. Sling it over your shoulder or across the body, or even pop it into a bigger tote to keep the must-haves right at your fingertips.

Price at time of publish: From $75

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For the Dedicated Baker: Fiori Di Sicilia

Two extract bottles with Fiori di Sicilia extract

King Arthur Flour

Upgrade their holiday baking with a bottle of this enticing extract, which features hints of both citrus and vanilla. (Include your favorite sugar cookie recipe to get them started!)

Price at time of publish: From $10

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For the Beginner Bird Watcher: Nature Anywhere Bird Feeder

Three birds in a clear acrylic birdhouse


Bring all the birds to their yard with this clever feeder, which sticks right to their window and lets them get up close and personal with the neighborhood birds—or better yet, provides plenty of entertainment for their cat.

Price at time of publish: $30

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For the Serious Salsa Lover: Somos Salsero Holiday Gift Kit

Colorful box filled with handmade pottery and four different types of salsa


Kick their next taco Tuesday up a notch with this limited edition combo of four authentic salsa flavors—roasted tomatillo jalapeno, cuatro chiles taqueria, smoky chipotle red, and roasted tomatillo pasilla. It comes packaged with a handmade salsero serving dish, hand-painted by artisans in the Michoacán region of Mexico.

Price at time of publish: $40

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For the Person With Cold Feet: Conscious Step Socks

Small box filled with 3 pairs of blue and gray socks with reading motifs

Conscious Step

Warm up their toes with these cozy (and colorful) socks that support a cause they're passionate about. This set supports literacy project Room to Read, and you'll provide three books for children with each set purchased. (They also have sets for tons of other causes, if there's something else that's dearer to their hearts.)

Price at time of publish: $45

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For the Bike (or EBike) Rider: Ottolock Combination Bike Lock

Orange bike lock with combination lock


Help them keep their bike safe more stylishly with this sleek but super-sturdy bike lock. It's made of three layers of stainless steel wrapped in Kevlar to help deter bike thieves and has a combination lock so you don't have to worry about losing the key. And it comes in an array of colors to perfectly match their bike kit.

Price at time of publish: From $59

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For the Mask Maven: Loops Skin Cycle Week Masks

Rainbow-colored sheet masks with a Loops canvas bag


Give them a week to get glowing with these Korean hydrogel sheet masks for a perfect skin cycle. The masks easily stick to their face, so there's no slippage and fussing once they're on. They'll be looking gorgeous going into 2023.

Price at time of publish: $40

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For the Late-Night Ball Player: Tangle Night Ball Basketball

orange lightup basketball


If the early winter nightfall is keeping your favorite player from shooting hoops, this fun basketball with motion activated lights can add more time for practice.

Price at time of publish: $25

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For the Hydration Obsessed: Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Black water bottle with flip top lid and rainbow light at bottom


Help them track every sip with this smart water bottle, that glows to encourage them to drink, and tracks every sip to ensure that they're getting the water they need.

Price at time of publish: From $65

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For the Dry January Devotee: Raising the Bar Zero-Proof Cocktail Kit

Box filled with bottles of sodas, bitters, syrups, dried citrus, and a muddler

Raising the Bar

For your sober-curious pal who loves a fancy mocktail, this kit gives them the fixings to help them make several different types of unique drinks, using unique sparkling waters and sodas, shrubs, and syrups. The kit includes garnishes, a fun bar tool, and the recipes for making four different zero-proof drinks—enough for a month's worth of very happy hours.

Price at time of publish: From $65/month

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For the All-Natural Foodie: V Smiley Jams

Set of three Seasons of Summer jams with jars

V Smiley Preserves

This trio of fruit preserves gives your Secret Santa giftee a delicious taste of summer in the dead of winter. The set features three funky flavors that represent the early, middle, and late summer fruit harvests—strawberry blackcurrant rosemary, dolgo crabapple rosehip, and montmorency cherry September plum—and are made with honey in lieu of sugar for a more all-natural toast topping that'll definitely be their jam.

Price at time of publish: $32

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For the Vinyl Collector: Super Cool Things Record Stand

Wooden display stand with a black-and-white vinyl record

Super Cool Things/Etsy

Let your vinyl-loving Secret Santa giftee show off their prized finds or keep their heavy rotation vinyl front and center with this gorgeous handmade stand, which can be built in oak, walnut, or maple to perfectly suit their decor.

Price at time of publish: $80

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For the Person in Need of a Pick-Me-Up: The Big Box of Happiness

Bright yellow cards with smiley faces on them, and messages


Who doesn't need a little more joy in their life? Your gift recipient can grab a card every day (or whenever they need a boost) to get an idea that'll bring them a nearly instant burst of joy.

Price at time of publish: $15

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For the Person Who Burns for Bridgerton: Bridgerton Luxury Spa Gift Set

White candles, soap, and lotion with yellow decor

Beekman 1802

For the person who's burning with anticipation for season three of Bridgerton, this spa set features an "I burn for you" candle, whipped moisturizer, and bar soap (wrapped in a Lady Whistledown paper, naturally) with scents inspired by the series. (And a pretty Bridgerton brooch, too!)

Price at time of publish: $39

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For the Maximalist Accessorizer: Anthropologie Monogram Pouch

Small velvet pouch with beaded flowers and the A monogrammed on it


This pretty pouch can serve as a mini clutch for nights out—or make carrying around their essentials a little more elegant. Pretty beaded flowers add a little touch of luxe.

Price at time of publish: $48

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For the Perennially Stressed Out: Lush Sleepy Bear Gift Set

Three purple bath bombs and a shower gel with a purple bear-adorned box


Lush's dreamy fan favorite lavender-and-tonka Sleepy fragrance will help soothe them to sleep in no time. This all-Sleepy kit gives them four zen bathing experiences, with two adorable bath bombs, a bubble bar, and a shower jelly.

Price at time of publish: $32

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For the Zen Seeker: Matcha Bowl and Whisk Gift Set

Matcha whisk, spoon, and bowl in speckled ceramic and wood

World Market

Help them make their daily matcha routine a little more luxe with this kit, which includes a pretty speckled pottery matcha bowl, bamboo whisk and scoop, and a whisk holder.

Price at time of publish: $40

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For the Host With the Most: Slip Game

Box labled Slip! Conversation Game with round cards with messages on them

Live Deeply

This petite little game is a perfect accompaniment for their next dinner party or game night. Players pick a card and try to work one of two ridiculously out-there phrases into the conversation without being spotted. (See if you can work "If I were an artist, I'd paint with spaghetti," into your next dinner convo.)

Price at time of publish: $32

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For the Sudoku Solver: Iron & Glory Sudoku Puzzle Board

Wooden Sudoku Set

Upgrade their pencil-and-paper puzzles to this chic wooden version for a swankier sudoku experience.

Price at time of publish: $22

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For the DIY-er: Candle-Making Kit

candle making kit
LondonJamesCandleCo, Etsy

For the giftee who has a penchant for the handmade, this candle-making kit will be a gift they can take pride in creating. Opt for a seasonal scent—like candied apple, peppermint, or cinnamon spice—to make the gift more festive.

Price at time of publish: $25

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For the At-Home Yogi: Yoga Dice

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2020: yoga dice

Ensure their yoga flow will never be the same twice. This set of seven wooden dice from Chronicle Books features a different category of pose (sitting, standing, balancing, twisting) and promises an endless number of combinations with each roll. They're like a fun, dynamic yoga class without the price tag.

Price at time of publish: $19

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For the Indoor Gardener: Steel Watering Can

watering can
MoMA Design Store

Great gifts combine fashion and function—and this steel watering can from the MoMA Design Store is no exception. Gift this to the person on your list with a green thumb and they'll put it to good use (while also being able to proudly keep it displayed on their shelf as decor at the same time).

Price at time of publish: $30

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For the Big Thinker: Shower Note Pad

waterproof notepad
Aqua Notes

Whether your giftee is a writer, artist, or just someone with big ideas, this gift is a unique and perfect choice. This waterproof notepad can be hung in the place where all the best ideas come about—the shower—so that none of your giftee's ideas will go to waste again.

Price at time of publish: $13

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For the Pet-Lover: Custom Pet Portrait

custom pet portrait

We all have that one friend who's obsessed with their pet and treats them like their own human child. Help them celebrate their pride and joy with one of these ridiculous and adorable custom pet portraits. Just pull one of their pet photos from their social media (or from a photo they've likely texted you) and choose the regal body that best suits their pet's personality—and you'll end up with a gift they're almost guaranteed to adore.

Price at time of publish: From $32

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For the Content-Creator: Ring Light

ring light

Whether filming cooking videos, logging on to Zoom calls, or just taking selfies, this ring light can instantly take indoor lighting from dull and unflattering to bright and studio-quality. Give the gift of perfect lighting to that friend who's always making content or getting on video calls.

Price at time of publish: $30

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For the Movie Buff: Cinephile Card Game

cinephile card game
Uncommon Goods

Do you know someone who seems to have seen every movie ever made? Let them test (and show off) their film history knowledge with this cinephile card game. Your film buff giftee can use the cards to try to name films starring the same actor, link actors to movies they've starred in together, or just flip through the deck when their looking for some inspiration on movie night.

Price at time of publish: $20

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For the At-Home Manicurist: Olive & June The Mani System Kit

Secret Santa Gifts: Olive & June nail polish The Studio Box Kit

Build a customized manicure kit from Olive & June for the amateur manicurist in your life. This create-your-own-box gift includes all of the essentials: polish remover, clean-up brush, flat-edge nail clipper, nail file, buffer cube, a universal polish bottle handle, top coat, cuticle serum, and the nail polish color of your choosing. It's a luxe pick they probably wouldn't treat themselves to (that's what you're here for).

Price at time of publish: From $50

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For the Lover of Linens: Lillian Dish Towels

Secret Santa Gifts: Anthropologie Lillian Dish Towels set

Anyone with a kitchen—yes, even the tiniest apartment kitchen nook—appreciates a fresh set of quality dish towels. These three colorful, waffle-weave beauties will brighten up any towel rack they hang on and last for a good, long time.

Price at time of publish: $24

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For the Flavor Seeker: TRUFF Infused Hot Sauce

Secret Santa Gifts 2020: TRUFF infused hot sauce set of 2

Hot sauce lovers, prepare to spontaneously combust—because these bad boys are infused with earthy, decadent black truffles. TRUFF laces its mouthwatering base of red chili peppers and vinegar with the irresistible umami of truffles. Trust us, TRUFF isn't your average condiment—and this two-pack is an unexpectedly awesome Secret Santa gift.

Price at time of publish: $32

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For the Multitasker: Wine Holder Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2020: Gabba Goods shower wine holder bluetooth speaker

You know what they say: It's always 5:00 somewhere. With this shower-ready wine glass holder and Bluetooth speaker, happy hour can start while they're getting ready.

Price at time of publish: $60

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For Whiskey Drinkers: Baseball Park Map Glasses

Uncommon Goods baseball park map cocktail glasses

Do they love baseball and cocktails? These fun tumblers—featuring a map of their favorite MLB team's stadium—will be a total hit they can add to a growing barware collection.

Price at time of publish: $35

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For the *Serious* Cheese Lovers: Cheese of the Month Club Delivery

Cheese of the Month Club Delivery

If you want to give them something edible you know they'll be obsessed with, treat them to an indulgent delivery of three gourmet cheeses they can savor for days. Not only will they love it, but this will probably end up being the best Secret Santa gift of the bunch.

Price at time of publish: From $44/month

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