Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Sure, secret Santa always sounds like a good idea… until your office actually decides to host one. Now you’re in a panic because you’re supposed to buy a gift for that woman who sits a few cubicles over from you—and it’s supposed to be $10, tops. You know she likes to read…but does she really want another novel? You think she spends hours a day scrolling through her Instagram feed…but what kind of tech can possibly cost less than $10? We feel your pain, which is why we’ve come up with plenty of clever secret Santa gift ideas to help you navigate the murky waters of the office grab bag. From quirky tote bags to portable, mini-sized Sriracha bottles to the funniest coffee mug you can think of, there’s something for everyone and every interest. No matter how well you know him (or don’t know him!), you’re sure to find something that everyone will be talking about (yes, in a good way!).
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