It's not too late!

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 30, 2017
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Mark and Graham

Despite our best intentions to get all of our holiday shopping done by October, December has a way of sneaking up on us. But if you think your plan to get special, personalized gifts for everyone on your list is nearly impossible now, think again. All of these gifts come with customized touches that will make it look like you commissioned them months ago—yet they'll still arrive in time for Christmas. Monograms, personalized hand-lettering, and custom engraving guarantee these gifts will make a great impression.

Mark and Graham

Acacia Valet

For the guy who has everything and wants nothing, give him a classy wooden tray for his change and keys that will spruce up his minimalist entryway. For an extra-special gift, present the tray with a monogrammed leather keychain.

To buy: $39;


Monogrammed Booties

Comfy, cute, and monogrammed? These adorable booties are a triple threat. The gold letters add a touch of glam to an otherwise understated black bootie. Luckily, they pair just as well with jeans as with a dress, so they're guaranteed to fit effortlessly into any wardrobe.

To buy: $63;


Personalized Hand-Lettered Glass Box

The ideal gift for a daughter or niece, this hand-lettered glass box will become a treasured accessory to hold jewelry on the top of her dresser or nightstand. The transparent design will let her show off her favorite accessories.

To buy: $45;


Monogrammed Leather Belt

A belt could be a lackluster present, but when it's crafted from rich leather and embellished with a pretty monogram, it suddenly turns into something special. To make sure it will arrive in time for Christmas, order by December 9.

To buy: $45;


Monogrammed Leather Card Case

For that friend who's always digging through her purse to find a misplaced credit card or a $20 bill floating on the bottom of her cavernous bag, give her the gift of an organized wallet. This slim card case keeps everything in its place, so it's easy for your friend to find exactly what she's looking for. To make sure it will arrive in time for Christmas, order by December 9.

To buy: $25;