Credit: Hello!Lucky

What You Need
Raindrop Template and Cloud Template 
1/4 yard of felt in shades of blue
Fabric Scissors
Thread (Blue and White)
Sewing Machine
1/4 Yard White Felt
Piece of Cardboard approx 11" x 16"
Small amount of Fiberfill (just enough to pad the cloud)
Straight Pins
Large Sewing Needle

Hot Glue Gun
White Heavy Quilting Thread or Embroidery Floss


How To: Make the Raindrops


1. Using fabric scissors, cut out about 70 blue felt raindrops following the Raindrop Template.

2. Stitch up the centerline of the first raindrop on sewing machine.

3. Once you reach the top of the raindrop, pull about 4" of thread and then place the second raindrop on your machine, stitching up the centerline.

4. Continue in this fashion until you have a strand of 5 - 7 raindrops (Figure 1 on template). Leave at least a 6" tail at the top of each strand of raindrops.

5. Trim excess thread from the bottom of each strand. Make 12 strands of varying lengths.


How To: Make the Clouds


1. Using fabric scissors, cut out two cloud shapes from the white felt following the Cloud Template. Cut an oval about 1" smaller around the cloud from the cardboard.

2. Layer the cloud as follows: felt, layer of fiber fill, cardboard, felt (Figure 2).

3. Pin the felt together along the edges.

4. Stitch the edges of the cloud together on the sewing machine with white thread using a tight zig zag stitch.


How To: Put it Together


1. Thread the excess from your first strand of raindrops onto your large sewing needle.

2. Punch the needle through the cloud and knot the thread on the other side. Repeat with the rest of your strands, distributing them evenly around the face of the cloud.  Reinforce with a dab of hot glue on each knot.

3. Sew an "X" of heavy white quilting thread or embroidery floss to the top of the cloud, tying a knot at one corner across to the opposite corner, leaving a little play in the thread to allow for hanging. (Figure 3)