Credit: Megan Reardon/

What You Need
Sheets of Felt in Different Colors
2 Straight Sided Mugs
Rubber Bands
6 Buttons
Rotary Cutter
Marking Chalk
Sewing Machine

1. Make the main part of the wrap by measuring the circumference of your mug, subtract one inch from this (to allow room for the handle). Cut a 3" high strip of felt to this length. Cut two 3" x 1" strips from the same color, these will work as extra support for attaching the elastic and buttons.

2. Attach the elastic and buttons: Cut three 4" long pieces of elastic. Arrange equally along one end of the felt, placing one in the center and setting the others 3/8" in from the top and bottom edges. Attach the elastic with fabric glue if you need to keep it in place while sewing. Stitch the elastic into place by sandwiching it between the body felt piece and the 1" x 3" strip as shown above, backstiching over the ends of the elastic to secure it into place. Sew the other 1" x 3" strip to the opposite end. Turn the felt to the right side and sew the buttons onto the opposite end, spacing the same as the elastic.

3. Mark spacing for the decorations: Using a sheet of scrap paper, mark spaces 1 3/8" apart, this is the guide for the rows of stitching that will attach the circles. Turn your felt right side out and set your marked paper over it so that it is centered. Use marking chalk to transfer row spacing to the felt, making small marks. Mark about 1/2" down from the top edge so that they'll be hidden underneath stitching later on.

4. Cut out the circles: You'll need 1" circles and 1 3/8th" circles. For color #1 you'll need fourteen 1" circles and 14 1 3/8" circles, for color #2 you'll need seven 1" circles and seven 1 3/8" circles. Don't worry about getting them perfectly round.

5. Sew on the circles: Sandwich your circles and head to your sewing machine. Alternate the larger and smaller circles and stitch two sets down for each row. Fluff them open and you're done.