What You Need
Flower Template
10 3" to 4" Fabric Squares

Scissors or Pinking Shears
Needle and Thread
Straight Pins
Bobby Pin

1. After downloading the template, cut out the flower shapes. Pin to the top of a few fabric squares. Cut carefully around the perimeter of the template to create a variety of “petal” shapes.

2. Repeat until you have 10 petals. Remove pins and templates and organize your petals into piles according to size and shape.

3. Stack your flowers with the smaller “petals” on top, larger on the bottom.

4. Thread needle and tie a large knot at the end of a good length of doubled yarn.

5. Take a small rectangular piece of fabric and the fabric circle, and stitch the rectangle to the right side of the circle. This will act as a pocket for the hair clip you will add later.

6. Take the largest petal and fabric circle, and make small stitches attaching the wrong side of your circle to the wrong side of your petal. Tie off and cut.

7. For the remainder of your stack, pick petals of decreasing size and attach them to the center of the previous petal. You only need to stitch through to the previous petal, not through to the sturdy base. Small tacking stitches will result in a flat petal while larger tacking stitches pulled taut will result in a more ruffled petal.

8. Add a button to the top center of the final petal.

9. Slide a bobby pin through the back pocket of your flower to finish off your hair clip. A safety pin or ribbon can be used in place of the bobby pin so that you can also wear as a pin or necklace!



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