What You Need
Mat Board
Sturdy Ruler
Mat Knife
Recipe to Frame


  1. Remove everything from inside frame. Using your mat board and knife, cut a new mat board the exact size of your frame so that it fits snuggly inside. (When cutting, make sure the slant of the knife is facing in the direction of the object you're framing.)
  2. Measure the objects you're framing against the mat board.
  3. Decide where you'll want to place your recipe and photo. Turn the mat over so that the back is facing you. Using your pencil and ruler, draw a box just smaller than each object in the spots you want your objects to go. For example, if your object is 4"x 6", draw a window that is 3.5" x 5.5".
  4. Still working on the back side of the mat, cut the other three sides, pressing hard so the knife cuts the whole way through. Cut each side just slightly past the corner of the window you drew (don’t worry, you won’t see this in the end result) – it helps sharpen the corners.
  5. Push out the window and position your objects (recipe and photo) behind it, until they're just right.

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