There's still time to get these amazing presents delivered before the big day. 

By Marla Christiansen
December 19, 2017
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Kira auf der Heide / Unsplash

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays it can get a bit hectic keeping on top of your list—even if you’ve checked it twice. Offering your holiday host a small token of gratitude is a nice way to repay them for all the time they’ve spent preparing for you. No matter how organized you are, being ready with a thoughtful gift at every dinner, party, and spur of the moment get-together that the season brings just isn’t possible. Pinched for time? We’ve got you covered with a great selection of last-minute hostess gifts that are all guaranteed to arrive in time.


Spread the cheer with the gift of music from this wireless bluetooth speaker. The light wood grain and copper detailing makes for a very stylish way of ringing in the holidays.

To buy: $23;


Made from all-natural soapstone, these chilling stones will cool off drinks without watering them down. They come with a velvet carrying case, making for easy storage in the freezer when not in use. A great gift for the spirit connoisseur, these stones are a welcome addition to anyone’s liquor cabinet.

To buy: $10;


A safe and beautiful place to store heirloom recipes. This vintage style tin comes with 12 tri-tab dividers and 24 blank recipe cards and is guaranteed to look stylish in any kitchen.

To buy: $34;


An updated look to a classic game, this vintage edition Scrabble comes in a linen-wrapped book style case. Beautiful enough to display, this board game can be kept on a bookshelf when not in play.

To buy: $35;


Treat them to a dazzling display with these flame changing pinecones. This festive gift is the perfect accessory to any wood burning fire. Just toss a few cones in and watch the flames dance with vibrant colors.

To buy: $24;


Spice it up (literally!) by giving the gift of variety. This mulled wine brewing kit is the perfect companion to those bottles of wine your host has been racking up all season.

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Photos are a great way to remember a special gathering of friends and family. This Fujifilm instant camera allows you to capture the moment and share it instantly. Everyone will love taking home a little slice of their time together. Updated from the ‘50s and ‘60s, this camera even comes with it’s own selfie mirror for perfect framing.

To buy: $60;


Provide a bit of luxury on those packed holiday flights with this travel-friendly cocktail kit. Pocket-sized and TSA-approved, this kit includes everything needed to craft two Old Fashioned cocktails—just add alcohol. A fun gift for someone always on the go.

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After the party has ended and the guests have all left, your host will appreciate being able to unwind with this set of 100% organic, filler-free essential oils. These oils can be diffused or even blended to create DIY lotions or skin serums. A pretty wooden box keeps these oils organized and ready to gift, just add a bow!

To buy: $30;


Shake things up with this fun and creative spin on meal planning. Five food dice provide over 186,000 possibilities for mealtime inspiration.These handsome birch wood dice are laser engraved with ingredients on each side and packaged in a pretty cork top glass tumbler.

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Warm their heart and home with some adorable cactus candles. These pretty little things add a perfect touch of green without additional care instructions. Beautiful on their own, these candles would look doubly cute in a small, open-top terrarium filled with sand and pebbles!

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