Last Minute Gift Ideas

We know: You totally meant to order a gift for your friend’s birthday last week when there was still time to have the item shipped to your house for free. But when you missed that deadline, you vowed to stop at the store over the weekend. Now, the party is only a day or two away and, well, you still have nothing. Don’t panic yet! We’ve rounded up plenty of last-minute gift ideas to cover you. A gift card to their favorite store is an easy option. Worried it’s not creative enough? Try these unique ideas for packaging the voucher. Still not sold? Last-minute gifts can still be thoughtful. Try zeroing in on your loved one’s interests. Does she love baking? An edible gift would be perfect. Whip up a few jars of infused honey. Books are also a great last-minute gift idea. Many are available with quick-ship options on sites like Amazon or at your local bookstore. Opt for a beautifully photographed cookbook or an inspiring home design book that will double as a coffee table treasure.
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