Minhee Cho/Paper+Cup

What You Need:

Blank Journal
Blank 11"x17” Sheet of White Paper
Cork Shelf Liner or Sheet of Cork
Black Pen
X-acto Knife
Self Healing Cutting Mat
Metal Ruler
Clear Tape


1.Trace the journal front and back on the blank white paper. This will be a template for positioning the photos. Use the paper to wrap around the journal first to see where the spine and edges are.

2. Decide where you want the photos, and then place them on the white paper template

3. Gently tape down the images with the clear tape. You need just enough to the photo doesn't shift while photocopying.

4.Transfer images onto the cork sheet, keeping the spacing as close as possible. Use the template as your guide. Tape down images.

5.Place on photo copier in reverse position. You may have to do a few tests to see the positioning.

6.Position the printed sheet on top of the front of the blank journal. Use fingers to gently mark the edges and spine. Do so all around the journal.

7.Open up the sheet, it will show the outline of the journal. Then, make a fold at the top and bottom of page.

8. Place journal on top and fold one vertical side over and slide cover in. Repeat on other side.

9. Finalize with a label.


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