Prepare to stock all the stockings with these gold earrings that are too good to pass up.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated December 06, 2018
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Aside from successfully replicating your grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe from scratch, there’s no holiday endeavor quite as daunting as choosing the perfect present for everyone on your list. First, there’s the matter of selecting an item the giftee in question will actually appreciate, then there’s the act of mastering your wrapping skills—not to mention the mad scramble one must endure to ensure guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

The whole present-wrangling process is exhausting, or it was until I finally landed on the perfect gift. Recently, I was on the hunt for an understated pair of everyday gold earrings when I came across this 14-karat pair from Melissa Joy Manning ($100; The color and composition seemed promising enough, so I added the handcrafted hoops to my cart under the assumption that I would simply return them if they didn’t live up to their potential. But once my (only slightly) self-indulgent gift arrived, my love of the earrings was solidified.

Let me first admit that I’m not one for jewelry. Any ring I actually do purchase is lost within a matter of weeks, and I’ve misplaced more earrings than I can count—resulting in a jewelry box that’s both barren and ill-assorted. All it took was a friend with an enviable jewelry collection for me to realize I needed to desperately step up my accessory game.

Not only are these miniature hoops crafted from recycled 14-karat gold, but their ear-hugging shape is just delicate enough for everyday wear. The $100 price point isn’t too jarring either—it’s just expensive enough to know you’re paying for a quality product, and affordable enough that you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to rely on ramen until your next paycheck. I immediately bought a pair for both my best friend and my mom—both of whom are picky when it comes to jewelry.

As someone who tends to postpone her holiday shopping until the very last minute, I plan to keep these earrings at the top of my to-give list for as long as possible—or at least until every friend, colleague, and family member in my life catches on. Is it the perfect holiday gift for the women in your life? I’d argue yes. Is it ideal for your male boss, minion-obsessed nephew or indifferent brother? Probably not. But there’s always our definitive list of holiday gifts for men if you’re really stumped on that sort of thing.