These smart finds are almost magical enough to make up for not getting that Hogwarts letter.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 29, 2019
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It’s been more than two decades, and Harry Potter fever doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. We have a theme park (and all those Harry Potter World secrets), studio tours, movies, and Harry Potter gifts—lots of Harry Pottergifts. Most of us may have missed out on our Hogwarts letters, but all the gear and accessories out there (there’s even Harry Potter jewelry!) are spell-binding enough that we can pretend we are living in J.K. Rowling’s world of magic.

There are stuffed animals, Lego, and plenty of other Harry Potter gifts for kids (and kid-like adults), but finding a tasteful gift for an older kid or an adult is a little trickier—until now. We’ve rounded up Harry Pottergifts for adults and kids alike, finds any Potterhead will love and cherish almost as much as they treasure the books themselves.

Best of all, these gifts are meant to last. They’re clearly recognizable to other fans, but those not in the know can easily mistake them for handy tools, cute decor, and more. (The college kid afraid to take their favorite HP pillow to school has no excuse now.) And, of course, it’s 2019: There’s no shame in being a scheming Slytherin or a humble Hufflepuff, so there’s gear for everyone, whether they’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin.

Harry Potter might have left Hogwarts, but we’re still hanging on—and with new generations of fans discovering the books and movies, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll never let go. Whether you’re looking for Harry Potter gifts for yourself, creative gift ideas for women, or a gift no one else will have at the next birthday party, these picks have you covered.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Snowglobe

This miniature of Hogwarts castle will make any snowglobe collector squeal with delight; as a Harry Potter gift, it’s good for all ages—and is even a good Harry Potter gift for kids to enjoy now and when they’re older.

To buy: $69;

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Silicone Spatulas

Perfect for a new graduate or Harry Potter fan moving into their first apartment, this set is both hardy and fun to use for conjuring up snacks, meals, treats, and more.

To buy: $31 for three;

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Flameless Candle

As a cute detail in any room, this battery-powered candle shines (literally). Add the Hogwarts crest, and it’s a gift any Potterhead will enjoy for years to come.

To buy: $36;

USAOPOLY World of Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

If there’s a Potterhead who can resist a good puzzle (much less a collector’s puzzle like this one), we’ve yet to meet them.

To buy: $14;

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Pillow Cover + Insert

Throw pillows make great gifts for all ages, right? This one—from the great PBteen Harry Potter collection—features a tongue-in-cheek phrase that works for all ages and a hidden map that glows when the lights are out, something a fan of any age can appreciate.

To buy: $49;

Harry Potter Towel, Hogwarts

The perfect stocking-stuffer or just-because gift, this dish towel flaunts Hogwarts pride loud and proud. (And it’s made of durable cotton, too, so it’s 100 percent practical.)

To buy: $12;

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Snack Bowl

Though ostensibly made for snacking, this playful dish also makes a great nightstand or dresser-top accessory for holding rings, pins, and other odds and ends. And even on its own, with nothing inside it, it’s a great piece of decor.

To buy: $40;

Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage

As far as Harry Potter gifts go, this one’s on the pricier end—but with the rotating earring holder, gold finish, and iron frame, it’s well worth the expense.

To buy: $99;

The Art of Harry Potter

Flip through a collection of the stunning concept art created for the Harry Potter movies in this coffee table book, which offers a lavish look at rare and unpublished paintings, sketches, and more that bring the stories to life in a whole new way.

To buy: $37;

Harry Potter Gryffindor Apron

Any fan brave enough to venture into the kitchen will love this Harry Potter gift, which is available in adult and kid sizes and has a pocket for two tools.

To buy: $32;

Harry Potter Pennant

This themed wall decor works in a dorm room, bedroom, and game room alike. It’s available in the colors of all four Hogwarts houses, too, so everyone can feel represented.

To buy: $30;

Wizard Wands Brushes

For the Hogwarts lover who is also beauty-obsessed, these brushes are a fun and thoughtful gift. With just a swish and a flick, these are sure to make getting ready feel a little more magical.

To buy: $55;