9 Photo Gifts for Grads

These custom gifts help new grads transition to the working world—without losing touch with their college days.


Grande Mug With Lid

Photo by walgreens.com

Go beyond the Venti Latte by personalizing his early-morning pick-me-up. The combination of caffeine and college memories may help him face his new reality: no more sleeping in before Chemistry class.

To buy: $20, walgreens.com.


Photo Bookmark 

Photo by thingsremembered.com

Engraved with your grad’s name, a favorite snapshot, and a quote from her favorite book (maybe even one of these), this picture-perfect bookmark will keep her place even as she turns a page in life.

To buy: $15, thingsremembered.com.


Collage Squares iPad Case 

Photo by tinyprints.com

This double-duty case protects your grad’s iPad while also serving as a scrapbook, so she can take a sentimental journey while surfing the web. (Note: this doesn’t fit the mini.)

To buy: From $65, tinyprints.com.


Hardcover Photo Day Planner  

Photo by pinholepress.com

With this personalized planner, she’ll look forward to her tomorrows (not to mention job interviews) without losing sight of the past. In addition to calendars and space to jot down notes, it features 16 of her favorite photos.

To buy: $60, pinholepress.com.


Adventure Awaits Portable Charger  

Photo by shutterfly.com

Equipped with two USB ports and 1 micro USB port, this slim, light portable charger can power up to two devices at once and is compatible with most tech. A removable faceplate means she can swap out photos, making it an outlet for her changing taste and, well, an outlet.

To buy: $70, shutterfly.com.


Reusable Stickers 

Photo by sticky9.com

Transform her most-liked Instagram or Facebook photos into stickers that’ll spiff up her tech or that ugly refrigerator (circa 1986) in her rental. The water-resistant, untearable stickers adhere to most smooth surfaces and won’t leave sticky residue behind.

To buy: $20 for 19, sticky9.com.


Postcard Pack 

Photo by artifactuprising.com

He can keep in touch with fellow alums the old-fashioned way—through the mail!—with these postcards featuring all his favorite pictures. It’s a throwback to both pre-digital and, say, pre-med days. You can even include a booklet of stamps.

To buy: $30, artifactuprising.com.


Photo Collage Monogram Bluetooth Speakers

Photo by zazzle.com

Portable speakers get personal with this customizable (add five favorite photos) way to tote tunes.

To buy: $22, zazzle.com.


Film Strip Fun Dry Erase Decal

Photo by shutterfly.com

This portable, reusable (apply it to any surface) 10-by-7-inch personalized decal comes with a pen with a dry-erase cap, so that the new grad can update her ever-changing schedule—even as she keeps her memories alive.

To buy: $15, shutterfly.com.