15 Practical, Helpful Gift Ideas for a Sick or Injured Loved One

Send a get-well gift that says you really care—and that you know what’s really helpful.

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Gifts for sick people, injured people, and quarantine gift ideas (woman on crutches)
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There are plenty of things you can do to help out when the people you care about are sick, injured, or recovering from an illness or surgery—whether it's bring over meals, help walk their dog, or send a sweet card or gift to let them know you're thinking of them.

Care package ideas are great if you're packing up a whole box to send your far-flung (or quarantined) buddy, and flowers or food are traditional gift ideas for people who are sick or injured.

But some of the best gifts for sick people or quarantined friends can be practical, comforting, and home-focused: You want to encourage your friend or family member to stay home, rest, and get healthy again. Even if you can't be there to give them a hand, these gifts can really help them out.

Brooklinen Adelphi Jumpsuit

Rose-colored jersey jumpsuit with straps

Help your friend feel pulled together while staying absolutely comfy by giving her a jumpsuit as a get-well gift. This supersoft jersey version from Brooklinen, which is easy on, easy off—and a little bit roomy—comes in pretty colors and won't pinch or push against tender spots.

SAIJI Adjustable Bed Desk

Black lap desk that tilts

It's a little on the pricey side, but this sleek lap desk can do just about everything—it's roomy enough for serving meals or working on a laptop, tilts to make it easy to watch shows on a tablet or read, and has a clever storage drawer where they can stash their glasses, meds, and other items they want close at hand.

Axelrod Orthopedic Adjustable Wedge Set

Gray orthopedic pillows

Bed pillows just won't cut it when they're trying to get comfortable to read, sleep, or eat in bed or on the couch. This plush set of pillows can be configured in all sorts of different ways so they can find the perfect position to rest and recover. (And they'll likely find it comes in handy for relaxing after they're feeling better, too.)

Reusable Hot Cold Pack

Reusable Hot-Cold Packs

Be prepared for every ache and pain with these reusable hot and cold packs, which can be microwaved or frozen, depending on their preference.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

The ultra lightweight tablet offers plenty of ways to entertain a hospitalized or bed-ridden patient, from games and books to movies and video calls with loved ones. Throw in a pencil so they can do artwork, or take notes when they ask their doctor questions.

Ostrich Eye Mask

Ostrich Grey Eye Mask
Ostrich Pillow

This puffy mask (from the folks with that infamously odd looking travel pillow) comfortably blocks all the light without putting any pressure on their eyes so they can catch some Zzzs, even in a busy (lighted) hospital room.

Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort Soup Delivery
Spoonful of Comfort

Soup is almost universally beloved when you're ill or injured—and these cozy care packages can come stocked with several varieties of soup, rolls, cookies, and other get-well gifts.

Bombas Gripper Slipper

Bombas Gripper Slipper

These hybrid slipper socks are lightweight yet cozy, with grippy soles that help prevent slips and falls—perfect for staying cozy in the hospital or at home, long after they feel better.

GE Cync Direct Connect Light Bulbs

GE Cync Full-Color Bulbs

Smart bulbs may seem like a weird present, but hear us out: These easy-to-install bulbs sync with their smartphone—and your favorite patient can easily turn them off and on (or change the hue) using voice commands and an Amazon Alexa or Google Home product—or the apps on their phones.

NY Times Mini Crosswords

NY Times Crossword Book

For the fan of Wordle (and other word-related games) this book offers a collection of some of the most challenging crossword puzzles on the planet in a small, compact size that's perfect for tossing into a hospital bag or keeping bedside.

Grub Hub Gift Card

Grubhub Gift Card

Whatever the reason, they're likely not leaving the house much. Help them enjoy good food—and convenient meals—with a gift card to a food delivery service, which will let them order their favorite meals straight to their door.

Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle

Double wall vacuum insulation preserves liquid temperature for hours; your stuck-at-home friend or family member will be able to keep temperature-perfect fluids close-at-hand all day long without constantly needing to get up for more ice or to reheat, so they'll be more comfortable and better hydrated.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2m)

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2m)

If they're stuck at home, they're likely resting and recuperating—and if not, no one likes leaning over an outlet to keep their phone charging. This extra-long charging cord is four times as long as the standard one, so they can rest and relax far from the nearest outlet without giving up their phone. (This may also mean more FaceTiming for you!)

Crutcheze Crutch Bags

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Crutcheze Crutch Bags

An injured limb is difficult enough to manage, but crutches—a mobility solution—come with their own set of problems. Alleviate a few with a crutch bag, which has room for essentials they'll want to carry with them even when they don't have a free hand.

Yuni Shower Sheets

Yuni Shower Sheets for sick patients

Whether they need to keep their surgical dressing or cast dry, or they're feeling too out of sorts to hit the shower, extra-large citrus-mint shower sheets will help them feel fresh—no rinsing required.

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