Send a gift that says you really care—and that you know what’s really helpful.

By Lauren Phillips and Lisa Milbrand
Updated March 03, 2021
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Gifts for sick people, injured people, and quarantine gift ideas (woman on crutches)
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Being away from friends and loved ones is difficult, but it's even more challenging when the people you care about are sick, injured, recovering from an illness or surgery, or even quarantined or self-isolated, as during the COVID pandemic or another outbreak. Even if you live geographically close to your friends and loved ones, the realities of social distancing mean that you can't spend time with them—even if they're sick.

Care package ideas are great if you’re packing up a whole box to send your far-flung (or quarantined or self-isolated) buddy, but sometimes you want to send a single gift—and if you’re worried about contagion, it’s actually safer for your loved one if you ship them something straight from the retailer, instead of wrapping up a gift at home.

The best gifts for sick people or quarantine gift ideas should be practical, comforting, and home-focused: You want to encourage your friend or family member to stay home, rest, and get healthy again. Even if you can't be there to give them a hand, these gifts can really help them out.

Lap Desk Gift for Sick Person
Credit: PB Teen

Super Storage Lap Desk


If they still need to get work done while they're recovering, or just want to stream on an iPad or laptop, this comfy desk is the perfect option. There's ample storage inside to keep work essentials—or even tissues or medications—handy, and the lid can be angled up at 10, 20, or 30 degrees to make it easier to watch or read while lying down. 

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL


If they’re stuck in bed recuperating or mobility is difficult, they’re likely on their devices a lot—and those batteries are probably draining quickly. Make sure they can keep everything charged without having to bend to reach an outlet or get up to find a charger: This super-powered portable battery can sit on a nightstand or side table and charge everything from iPhones to MacBooks quickly, so they’ll always be plugged in while they’re out of commission.

Chair Arm Table gift for sick person

Couch Arm Table


Sometimes, being ill or injured means even the coffee table is too far to reach. This arm-gripping table solves the problem by latching on to the chair or couch arm, so essentials—such as a phone, remote, and cup—are always within reach.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - CVS Health Peas Hot or Cold Therapy Pack

CVS Health Peas Hot or Cold Therapy Pack

From $9,

Whether they’re soothing an injury, trying to cool down, or just looking for some tension relief, this flexible, reusable hot or cold pack will stay put and offer the temperature relief they need.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Seamless gift card

Seamless Gift Card

Available in any amount,

Whatever the reason, they’re likely not leaving the house much. Help them enjoy good food—and convenient meals—with a gift card to a food delivery service, which will let them order their favorite meals straight to their door.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

From $15,

Help them revisit happier days and warm memories screen-free with this customizable reel viewer. They’ll get a kick out of the nostalgic toy, and you can fill the reel with family photos and images of you together so they can feel connected despite the distance (and social distancing).

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle

Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle


Double wall vacuum insulation preserves liquid temperature for hours; your stuck-at-home friend or family member will be able to keep temperature-perfect fluids close-at-hand all day long without constantly needing to get up for more ice or to reheat, so they’ll be more comfortable and better hydrated.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2m)

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (2m)


If they’re stuck at home, they’re likely resting and recuperating—and if not, no one likes leaning over an outlet to keep their phone charging. This extra-long charging cord is four times as long as the standard one, so they can rest and relax far from the nearest outlet without giving up their phone. (This may also mean more FaceTiming for you!)

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Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Tabletop Cornhole

Tabletop Cornhole


Going outside (or even standing) may be a no-go, but they can still enjoy this time-tested game: This tabletop set allows you to play cornhole indoors, with adjustable launch pads to suit players of all levels. It’s a little less thought-intensive than board games, too, so they can play even if they’re not at their best mentally.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Disney+ Subscription Card

Disney+ Subscription Card


There’s a good chance they’ve seen everything on Netflix, already watched HBO’s offerings, and are tearing through Hulu’s streaming library—but there’s always another service they can turn to. Keep them entertained, even if their quarantine or recovery takes longer than expected, with the gift of a full year of streaming access to the best things on Disney+.

Gifts for Sick or Injured People and quarantine gift ideas - Crutcheze Crutch Bags

Crutcheze Crutch Bags


An injured limb is difficult enough to manage, but crutches—a mobility solution—come with their own set of problems. Alleviate a few with a crutch bag, which has room for essentials they’ll want to carry with them even when they don’t have a free hand.

Yuni Shower Sheets for sick patients

Yuni Shower Sheets


Whether they need to keep their surgical dressing or cast dry, or they're feeling too out of sorts to hit the shower, extra-large citrus-mint shower sheets will help them feel fresh—no rinsing required.