Fancy, fun, sweet, and silly picks for your number one sidekick.

This article originally appeared on Southern Living

When it comes to gifts for best friends, the stakes feel a little higher. Even though this is the person who knows you best—your most embarrassing stories, your favorite foods, your greatest weaknesses—you can’t help but feel like the pressure’s on. (Plus, you know them well enough to know that all-too-familiar “I love it!” fake smile…)

This time of year always induces a frenzy, and you just want her to know how much you care! So we’ve removed some of the pain (and panic) from the endless shopping process. We went ahead and scoped out the shops and gathered some of our favorite finds—from fancy candles to kitschy pillows—for you to gift your best friend. Also, if you need clever gift wrap ideas, we’ve got you covered. Hosting a gift swap? We’ve got that too. Now if Santa would just be a friend and check off our list…

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