The 40 Best Gifts for Foodies in 2022

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dutch oven

From ambitious home bakers to cocktail-obsessed hosts, we've rounded up a collection of one-of-a-kind gifts for foodies in your life. We sipped, snacked, and sorted through hundreds of samples to weed out the less-than-stellar items so you can feel confident wrapping up any one of the picks on our list, whether as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or just-because surprises. We found beautifully designed and crafted kitchen equipment guaranteed to inspire anyone to get creative. Gourmet foods, hostess gifts, the latest kitchen gadgets, and even new ways to keep ingredients fresh will have recipients leafing through cookbooks and planning a feast.

Curtain Cake Stand and Serving Bowl

Pleated curtain cakes stand with cupcakes on it

This clever two-in-one serving dish can be a cake stand or a serving bowl, depending on how you flip it.

Dear Bella X FINE & RAW Gift Box

Chocolate ice cream and candy bars on a gold tablecloth
Dear Bella Creamery

Indulge your favorite sweet tooth with this luxe set, featuring decadent chocolate goodies both hot and cold. The set includes two pints of ice cream (chocolate-hazelnut and espresso chocolate bar), plus four chocolate bars (chocolate waffle cone and black sesame chunky) and a jar of waffle chips perfect that make the perfect accompaniment to the ice cream goodness.

Absinthe Making Kit

Absinthe making kit
Uncommon Goods

Let them conjure up their very own version of the legendary Green Fairy spirit with this kit, which has all of the spices and herbs they need—plus a vintage-vibe bottle to store their spirits.


Pastel-colored macarons in blue, pink, purple

These twists on the classic French dessert come in funkier flavors, like cotton candy, cherry cheesecake, watermelon or Fruity Pebbles. Opt for a monthly subscription so they can enjoy seasonal flavors.

J.K. Adams French Tapered (Dowel) Rolling Pin

Tapered Wooden Rolling Pin
Sur La Table

Help your favorite baker channel her inner Julia Child with a classic French rolling pin, tapered to the ends. It's made of classic hardwood that'll reduce the risk of splintering or scratching.

The Worthington Collection Private Chef Candle

Candle with orange and berries around it
The Worthington Collection

Let them enjoy the fragrance of their favorite gourmet treats without the work. This candle has the scent of a patisserie, with notes of vanilla, orange, and berry.

Mixed Beer Gift Box

Selection of microbrew cans

For the craft-beer connoisseur, share a mix of some of the most intriguing microbrews from around the country, sourced from breweries you not be able to access otherwise.

Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits Collection

Assortment of cheese and fruit on trays
Murray's Cheese

New York's legendary cheese shop offers intriguing cheese and charcuterie assortments to fill your favorite connoisseurs charcuterie board. You can shop for French, American, or Italian assortments; ones that pair great with red wine; or opt for the greatest hits collection, which features all of Murray's best cheeses—including English cheddar, mini brie, and Manchego—alongside tasty pairings like spiced cherry preserves and Marcona almonds.

Diaspora Co. Pantry Refresh

Jars of six spices from Diaspora Co

Upgrade their spice rack with these key red-hot spices, from turmeric to ginger to chillies—perfect for crafting a flavorful curry.

OXO 4-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Glass carafe with a filter above it

Make it super-simple for your favorite foodie to indulge their cold brew habit. Just add grounds and water, let it set, then drain through the filter for seven cups of liquid gold.

Williams-Sonoma Rolling Pie Crust Impression Mold

Williams-Sonoma Pie Crust Impression Mold

Help them get those Insta-worthy pie crusts with this kit, which makes it easy to roll out some pretty trim for their prized pies.

Frieling Bread Proofing Basket

Frieling Bread Proofing Basket

For the person whose sourdough starter is still going strong, this proofing basket can help their dough rise and shape it, and give them a better crust and gorgeous looking results.

Chef'sChoice Trizor XV

knife sharpener

Not only is a dull knife a pain to work with—making it harder to make smooth cuts and slowing down cooking time—but it's also a kitchen safety hazard. Give your foodie friend the gift of sharp, safe, and satisfyingly smooth chopping with this highly rated knife sharpener made with diamond abrasives.

Glass Cake Stand

glass cake stand

This one is for the baker who believes every occasion calls for a cake. Help them display their creations beautifully with this milk glass cake stand and glass cover. Choose from seven dreamy colors, including the jadeite green pictured, robin egg blue, light pink, and more.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Resealable Tub

maldon sea salt flakes

Friends don't let friends eat bland food—and this gift will ensure your friend is stocked up with exactly what they need to take their meals to the next level. From rich pastas to caramel-covered desserts, Maldon sea salt flakes are the perfect finishing touch to any dish, adding a bold touch of flavor and texture.

Beautiful Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer

drew barrymore air fryer

When Drew Barrymore's kitchen line first dropped at Walmart, it sold out in one day—and for good reason. Her products are practical, affordable, and attractive. This sage green air fryer will help your loved one cook fast, healthy, and deliciously crispy meals without having an eyesore on their kitchen counter.

Wooden Appetizer Plates

wood appetizer plates
Crate and Barrel

These beautifully designed appetizer plates will be a hit for the person who loves hosting a multi-course dinner party. They're perfect for serving an array of small bites before the main course, or for creating individually sized charcuterie boards to give guests an elevated experience.

Pasta Maker

pasta maker
Best Buy

A hand-crank pasta maker may be the more traditional route, but this technologically advanced alternative provides even more options without all the arm strain. The machine includes four shaping discs—for spaghetti, fettuccini, penne and lasagna or dumplings—and it can crank out homemade pasta in a matter of minutes.

Firstleaf Wine Subscription

wine subscription service

Like fine wines, Firstleaf is a wine subscription service that gets better over time. For the first order, customers take a quiz to determine their custom tasting profile. Then, after going through the first box of six curated wines, they can rate the wines to further refine their preferences and ensure an even better box next time around. Send your wine-loving foodie a Firstleaf gift card so they can experience new and custom-picked wines just for them.

Fly by Jing Sauce Trio

Sichuan Chili Crisp Sauce by Fly By Jing

Chili crisp has gained a cult-like following over the past year for its ability to go on everything. The popular spicy condiment is the perfect stocking stuffer for your heat-loving gift recipient, from Fly by Jing. The brand was founded by Jing Gao and the line of pantry staples is inspired by the flavors of her hometown of Chengdu, China.

Pizza Stone

pizza stone

There are so many ways to use a pizza stone. From roasting potatoes and veggies, to baking bagels, to searing meat, to making crispy, delicious pizza. This simple, yet multi-purpose item, is sure to make a great addition to your foodie's kitchen.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Uncommon Goods Beeswax Wrap
Uncommon Goods

Give the earth-conscious chef a set of three sizes of beeswax wraps to help seal and save their latest culinary creations. The wraps can be washed easily with soap and water and reused for the next day's dishes.

Shun Classic Blond Santoku Knife

Santoku Knife Chef Gift
Crate and Barrel

A santoku knife's ultra-thin blade makes it perfect for clean slices and fine cutting work. Handmade in the area of Japan noted for its samurai sword craftsmanship, Shun's santoku knife features 34 layers of stainless steel, honed to a perfect edge.

Sushi Shokunin: Japan's Culinary Masters by Andrea Fazzari


Consider this a must-have for sushi enthusiasts. The stunning book from the luxe publishers at Assouline presents 20 of the most celebrated sushi masters on the Japanese food scene, profiled by the James Beard Award-winning photographer and author Andrea Fazzari. Each chapter will introduce your foodie friend or family member to a new sushi master and restaurant, capturing their expertise, artwork, and dedication that illustrates their status as the world's finest culinary shokunin (loosely defined as "artisan").

The GlenDronach Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years


Loved ones who pride themselves on having a refined palate know what we're talking about when we say that this stuff is liquid gold. GrenDronach Single Malt Scotch is aged in the best Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks for a minimum of 12 years, which gives it a rich, soft, and oaky flavor peppered with notes of fresh pear and vanilla and a smooth finish.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Subscription

Ground and Hounds

Twenty percent of all profits from this fair trade, sustainable coffee company are donated to help rescue dogs in need. The range of gift subscription options is incredibly wide: they have several types of light, medium, and dark roast beans available, as well as hot chocolates and single-serve pods. Blends have super-cute names, too—think Belly Rub and Good Boy Dark Roast—sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one before their way-too-early morning walk with their pet.

André's Best Seller Swiss Chocolate Gift Box


André's is a 65-year-old, third-generation-owned family business based in Kansas City (where it's a local legend). The Swiss confiserie has perfected the art that is luxury hand-crafted chocolates. This gorgeous gift set can be ordered with an array of top sellers, including items like Chocolate Orange Peels, Sel des Alpes Caramels, Signature Milk Chocolate Almonds, Signature Dark Chocolate Almonds, Sel des Alpes Dark Chocolate Almonds, and Extra Dark 80% Chocolate Almonds. Consider this box the ultimate, most decadent indulgence to treat the chocolate lover in your life with.

Thermomix TM6


What can't this smart kitchen appliance do? The Thermomix TM6 is the ultimate gift for your foodie friend or family member—it can perform over 24 functions and techniques, meaning it can cook you an entire gourmet meal, hands-free, from start to finish. From chopping and mixing to weighing ingredients, sautéing, browning, blending, boiling, and more, you can consider this device your personal sous chef. Best part? It has a log of over 50,000 integrated recipes that all come with guided cooking, so even if you've never cooked a day in your life, you can expect restaurant-quality results.

Breville Joule Sous Vide

Gifts for Foodies: ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide on Amazon

Sous vide devices seem to be the latest "it" cooking tools, beloved for their ability to cook foods evenly because of the low temperatures and long cooking times. Breville's Joule sous vide is one of Amazon's best-sellers, racking up nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, and is Bluetooth- and WiFi-compatible for easy use and syncing up with the accompanying app.

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

Gifts for Foodies: Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

Time to upgrade your foodie's Dutch oven game with fan favorite brand Le Creuset. The enameled cast iron kitchen tool is durable and perfect for slow-cooking, braising, and roasting, and is sure to become a staple in the recipient's kitchen. Choose from multiple sizes and colors, or you can even opt for a round shape instead of oval.

Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gifts for Foodies: Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There's no better gift than one you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. Take this gorgeous bottle of olive oil: We know we're supposed to buy and use the good stuff, but it can be a financial strain for those of us who cook every night—which makes this bottle an ideal holiday gift for food-lovers and culinary enthusiasts. Not only do you get a liter of some of Italy's finest extra virgin olive oil but the gorgeous jar it comes in, too. Re-use it to hold future olive oils—opaque bottles like this help prevent light damage, which can decrease antioxidants.

Tartine, by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson

Tartine, by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson
Courtesy of manufacturer

This reissued cult classic has fresh photography and 68 new recipes. The photos are just as beautiful to look at as the dishes will be delicious to eat.

Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Gifts for Foodies: Olive Oil Dipping Spice Kit

With an oil dipping kit like this, your foodie can turn any olive oil already in the kitchen into an herb-infused delicacy. The kit includes 15 herbs and spices from all over the world, letting your giftee experience the tastes of diverse cuisines by just adding a dash of this or that to olive oil.

Olivewood Salt Keeper

Gifts for Foodies: Olivewood Salt Keeper

One of the most important culinary lessons you'll learn is to season every layer while you're cooking. Nothing makes that easier than keeping your favorite salt right on the counter next to the stove in a great-looking container. This olivewood box holds 6 ounces of salt and has a swiveling lid with a magnetic latch so your salt stays protected and secure.

Artisanal Pesto Set of Three

Gifts for Foodies: Artisanal Pesto Set of Three From Food 52

Crafted in small batches according to European tradition, these pesto sauces pair deliciously with classic olive oil for dipping fresh bread. The trio includes flavorful options like Sweet Pepper, Artichoke Lemon, and Walnut-Sage. Pair the gift with a delicious loaf of ciabatta bread and you'll be the favorite gift-giver for sure.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

lettuce grow farmstand
Lettuce Grow

Locavores can plant crops in the corner of a room with this hydroponic (i.e., easy-to-care-for) garden, in sizes up to 6 feet. It can grow fruits, veggies, and herbs indoors or out.

Gastro Obscura

gastro obscura food adventure book

Packed with info about quirky food festivals and dishes from around the world, this book will captivate the armchair traveler and eager eater in your life.


prepdeck food prep station

Ideal for meal planners, this compact station organizes the chopping, slicing, and dicing, with nicely sized containers, a cutting board, and prep tools.

Wine Blending Kit

wine blending kit
The Wine Blending Lab

For vino aficionados and novices alike, a build-your-own-bottle blending kit—complete with wineglass, beakers, and graduated cylinder—is the sort of science experiment we can get behind.

Milltop Salt & Pepper Mills

salt and pepper mills

Cooks (and neat freaks) will love that the grinding mechanisms are at the top, which keeps salt and pepper contained, not strewn across the table.

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