9 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Recommendations From Professional Chefs

See suggestions from Eric Ripert, Sophia Roe, and more.

Shun Premier 6-Piece Slimline Block Set
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With Christmas about two weeks away, the window of time to find gifts for your loved ones is rapidly shrinking. However, there are still several days left to shop before the holiday and, let's be honest, your relatives will never know exactly when you bought their gifts anyway.

If you still have a few gifts left to buy for a loved one who really enjoys cooking, or a friend who loves to try new foods, we've got just the gift guide for you. We consulted a bevy of professional chefs and asked them to share some of their favorite food-related gifts for the holidays—you'll find a mix of kitchen must-haves and tasty treats that the foodies in your life will love.

So whether you're shopping for a loved one, friend, or coworker, get inspired by some professional chef-approved gift ideas below!

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From Eric Ripert: Chocolatier Christopher Curtin's Éclat Chocolate

Éclat’s Mondiants Éclat Chocolate
Éclat Chocolate

"This is the best chocolate you can find in the world—so simple and modern with unparalleled texture and flavor," Ripert notes. "You hit those high notes rarely in a career as a chef, and Christopher Curtin is that rare exception. Anyone would be elated to receive this top-quality gift during the holiday season."

While Ripert is a fan of many of Curtin's high-quality chocolates, he's partial to the mondiants—rich chocolate discs with delicate fillings inside.

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From Andrew Zimmern: ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set

A mortar and pestle set with spices on a table

"I have five mortar and pestle sets, all in different shapes and sizes, all in different materials, but there is only one that is in both of my kitchens that I give as gifts," Zimmern shares. "This one is big enough to take on any job in the kitchen, heavy enough that it doesn't move, and I can still crush a tablespoon of peppercorns in it."

The Family Dinner host adds: "I love this mortar and pestle, and no kitchen should be without one for grinding spice blends, nuts, sauces like mayonnaise and bagna cauda, relishes, pulses, and pastes. This is my favorite tool of all!"

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From Robert Irvine: KitchenAid Dual Convection Countertop Oven With Air Fry

A KitchenAid convection oven and air fryer on a kitchen counter
Crate & Barrel

"If you ever find yourself thrust into a culinary competition, you'd want something this versatile at your side. I've come around to air fryers for their ability to crisp up any food without adding a lot of fat," the Restaurant Impossible host explains. "Meanwhile, this thing is a convection oven, too—and preheats at lightning speed—which allows you to greatly expand the capacity of your kitchen when you're hosting a party."

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From Carla Lalli Music: Carla's Soup Starter Gift Box

Bowls of soup and several soup ingredients on a counter

Music, a cookbook author and former director of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, teamed up with Foxtrot to launch a series of curated gift boxes for the holiday season featuring must-have kitchen staples and pantry items she can't live without.

The Soup Starter Gift Box is ideal as the temperatures dip, as it's loaded with staples that make it easy to simmer together a cold-weather classic. Inside you'll find O Olive Oil sherry wine vinegar, Rancho Gordo green lentils, a Jacobsen Salt pocket tin, Diaspora cumin seeds, Diaspora turmeric, Muir Glen tomato paste, a custom tote, and a copy of Music's latest cookbook, That Sounds So Good.

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From Sophia Roe: Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A bottle of light green olive oil from Italy

The chef and Emmy Award-nominated TV host of Counter Space on Vice tries to keep her gift giving as pragmatic as possible. "My go-to gifts for hosts are anything I know they'll use for sure, like really great olive oil," she says. This particular olive oil, produced using a variety of olives grown in the hills surrounding Florence, Italy, has notes of artichoke, thistle, and kale. It also boasts a sparkling green hue that's hard to miss.

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From Adam Richman: The Shun Premier Knife Block Set

The Shun knife set in a wooden knife block on a counter

"While there are many great gifts that the foodie you love will eagerly welcome into their kitchen, the value of a good knife or good knife set will never go out of style. And if you keep your knives sharp and clean, they'll last for eons and bring you and the recipients of your culinary brilliance lots of joy," the cookbook author and host of History Channel's Modern Marvels shares.

While Richman has more than one knife set he loves, one of his current favorites is a set from an Asian knife company called Shun. "Alton Brown got me into these," he notes. They are a pleasure to hold and a pleasure to behold. The ripples of folded Damascus steel on the blade are gorgeous, and their edge could cut a molecule in half. The hammered tsuchime finish keeps food from sticking to the blade as well."

Richman adds: "The Shun Premier Knife Block set, which includes a chef's knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife, plus a honing steel and a storage block, will blow any food magician away."

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From Maneet Chauhan: The Chai Box

The chai box with the included spices and a recipe card
The Chai Box

This chef and frequent Chopped judge's go-to gift this year is a custom chai box from The Chai Box, which is great for any tea lovers. The set features the company's True Blend, along with the four main spices—cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and clove—as well as a recipe card. Additionally, everything is presented in a stunning traditional Indian spice box.

"Chai tea is one of my favorite wintertime beverages and I always make sure to have it handy on set. This custom kit not only makes it easy to make your own personalized tea blend, but it also makes for a gorgeous kitchen counter piece," Chauhan shares. "The aromatic, spicy flavors combine to create a nice variety of chai with different profiles that will please anyone on your list this year."

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From Scott Conant: A Slotted Kunz Spoon

A slotted metal spoon

"The slotted Kunz spoon is a no-brainer that every cook should have in their tools arsenal," says the James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur. "Whether I'm using it to poach eggs for breakfast or plating up a multi-course dinner, it's convenient in both home and restaurant kitchens."

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From Ludo Lefevbre: Chef Ludo's Holiday Table Must-Haves Half-Case

Three bottles of red wine on a table

Chef Ludo, the owner of Petit Trois and Ludo Bird in Los Angeles, believes that any great meal should be accompanied by delicious wines that enhance the flavors of the food. His top pick for this holiday season is a six-bottle wine pack from his personal wine collection, Vin de Table. The pack includes three reds, two whites, and a sparkling wine, each hand-selected by Lefevbre himself.

"Spending time around the table is an important part of my culture, eating and drinking while having conversations with friends and family. In France, 'vin de table' is poured. This translates to 'table wine,' which is the inspiration for my Vin de Table collection," explains Lefevbre, who has appeared on Top Chef and Selena + Chef. "I invite you to serve and enjoy these delicious, high-quality wines at your own table. As we say in France while raising a glass, à la vôtre—to yours!"

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