When Christmas rolls around, you should not have to look far for the perfect gift for your sister.

This article originally appeared on SouthernLiving.com.

It shouldn’t be so hard to come up with gift ideas for your sister. You know her very well, but you do want to give a unique sister gift. Think hard about her hobbies, her house, and what she would never buy for herself. Is she a diehard yogi who spends every extra cent on her yoga classes? She’d probably love a good yoga accessory that she would never buy for herself. If she has a big and busy family, she probably hasn’t splurged on a small luxury for herself like great monogrammed bath towels in quite a while. You could also take the easy strategy of buying what you love. The upside to gifts for sisters is that you can always borrow it for yourself! Not to worry though, we’ve done the work for with these twenty great Christmas gifts for sisters.

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