Forget the cheesy t-shirt—this care kit is so beautiful. 

By Katie Holdefehr
April 20, 2018
Juju Supply Co.

When a friend or family member has cancer, you want to take care of them in any way you can, and the desire to shower them with gifts is so strong. But if you've ever had a friend go through chemo and round after round of difficult treatment, then you also know how hard it can be to find the right gifts. Food can be tricky, especially if their appetite is low and they want to avoid sweets, and while flowers are a nice gesture, it can start to feel overdone. And when you're searching online for gift ideas, the plethora of pink t-shirts and tote bags that read "Fighter" across the front is overwhelming. 

To offer a thoughtful solution to the search for non-cheesy gifts for cancer patients, two-time cancer survivor Casey Benjamin and co-founder Jonathan Singer launched Juju Supply Co, a company that sells jewelry, charms, and gifts intended to help you power through. This month, the company expanded their offerings with the launch of Juju's Cancer Care Kit, a curated selection of products for anyone undergoing cancer treatment. Each item is carefully selected, with the comfort of the chemo patient as the focus, and while the entire luxe care kit is $575, you can also order individual items from the kit for a more affordable (yet still incredibly thoughtful) gesture. 

The set includes the Andraab x Juju Shawl ($250), a colorful, handwoven shawl that's smooth and non-scatchy, so it won't irritate delicate skin. It helps keep chilly shoulders warm, but is stylish enough to wear out of the house. The Olie Calming Face Oil ($18) will soothe sensitive skin after treatments, while Kahina Lip + Face Balm ($44) is calming and anti-inflammatory. Or you can order one of their signature necklaces ($45), with charms designated for the body part in need of healing. All designed to soothe and bring the wearer comfort, while still looking elegant, this care kit completely rethinks the standard gifts for cancer patients, so you can skip the cheesy t-shirt and get something your loved one will truly appreciate.