Both dog- and dog mom-approved.

By Hana Hong
November 13, 2020
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While 2020 has been a real Debbie Downer of a year all around, the one upside is that pet adoptions have been sky-high—and you have more time to spend with your dog than ever before. Although your undying love and attention is the best thing you can give your dog, they also appreciate a good gift every now and them to keep their wild minds occupied. My own dogs and I have taken the time to test-drive almost all of the products on this list (yes, they are very spoiled), so they can attest to its puppy satisfaction. Even if you don't own a pooch yourself, they’re great presents and stocking stuffers to present your dog-owning friend with, who will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness for their four-legged friend. Below, 10 great gifts to present your dog with this season—because you’re not a regular dog mom, you’re a cool dog mom. 


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being alone really sucks. This stuffed buddy prevents separation anxiety by recreating maternal intimacy. The chest contains a pulsing, battery-operated heartbeat and heat pack that calms your little puppy when they’re alone, which means less whining from them and more sleep for you. 


While nobody likes to put their pet behind bars, crate training is usually a helpful and necessary step for many dog owners. Instead of locking them inside a tiny cage, which could lead to long-term anxiety problems, opt for this oversized, indoor setup. It comes complete with a drop-down bar at the door for walk-in access, along with clear acrylic panels all around so pets can see you and feel less enclosed.


This handy tool can be covered with your dog’s favorite spreadable treat (i.e., peanut butter or yogurt) and secured to any side of your crate. The engaging toy will make crate time more enjoyable and keep them distracted for longer periods of time.


Some dogs just can’t seem to drink out of anything but a toilet. This ceramic fountain—which comes complete with a triple filtration system—has a bright color and free-falling bubble stream meant to attract pets to drink more water. 


Ever wished you had access to a cave where you could run and hide from the world? You can provide that space for your pup with this adorable teepee that gives them a private space to retreat or take a nap. It looks so cozy you’ll wish you had the option to shrink yourself and climb in there with them. Plus, it’s super Instagrammable.


What piece of artwork could be more ravishing than a custom portrait of your dog? Correct answer: Nothing. It’s the perfect thing for hanging above your dog’s space or creating a gallery wall

$59 for 4 weeks,

Dreamed up by a vet with the help of world-leading animal nutritionists, Sundays unique air-drying method dehydrates food to preserve the nutrients and flavor while killing germs. It’s also 100 percent human grade (meaning it meets the high FDA safety standard for human consumption), and because it tastes and looks like dog treats, even picky eaters will go berserk for the jerky-like texture and taste. For a great gifting option, you can even customize the bag with your dog’s face!


Your pet will look effortlessly cool chilling on this elegant dog sofa—the cushion cover is removable and washable, and the curved back allows them to feel secure and protected while they lounge. Both of my dogs are obsessed with it, and it's not like they don’t have other options to sit in the apartment (they have three doggy beds and our large sofa). 


This standout ceramic dish can be customized with your pooch’s name and design of choice. You have the option of choosing between six- or seven-inch sizes, and the customization will appear on both sides of the bowl. Oh, and did we mention it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe?


I buy my dog a lot of toys—and I have come to the conclusion that conventional bones are overrated. Not only do they cause a big mess, they also don’t last very long, especially for dogs with short attention spans like mine who only chew on one bone for a few minutes. Meet Wickedbone, a smart robot toy that jumps away when chased and “teases” your dog when he or she stops playing with it. The scratch-resistant gadget is controllable via Bluetooth and has 12 different responsive modes (for moods like "bored," "tickled," "mad," and so on), so it'll act accordingly with how your dog is feeling that day.