30 Best Gift Card Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Seriously, a gift card could be the most thoughtful gift of all. (Just choose the right one.)

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"Gift card ideas? Not for me," you might say when you're stumped picking out gifts for teens or struggling to figure out what to give someone you don't know well. But gift cards, especially when they're thoughtfully chosen, make really great gifts. They're super useful, they give the recipient some decision-making power, and they take some of the pressure off you—what's not to love?

In many cases, picking a thoughtful gift card that offers the recipient a new opportunity—to travel, to try new foods, to learn something new—is actually even more touching than another generic sweater or lotion gift set. Gift your Marvel-loving friend a Disney+ gift card, or your foodie sister a certificate to Goldbelly so she can enjoy the best food from around the country.

Once you've settled on the perfect gift card idea, use our wrapping ideas to make the gift even more special.

Goldbelly Gift Card

Goldbelly Gift Card

Gift them the gift of some of the country's best food, delivered right to their door. They can opt for sweet treats (including ice cream!), local specialties (like wings from Buffalo or muffaletta from New Orleans), or even subscriptions that offer the best of a category, such as a monthly sandwich, pizza, or cookie delivery.

Gift card presentation idea: Goldbelly cards can be delivered digitally or as a hard copy—and you can even splurge a bit more and pick a special gift card presentation that comes with some fun food gifts, stickers, and other swag.

Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Urban Outfitters Gift Card

For your hard-to-buy-for teen, tween, or young adult, an Urban Outfitters gift card may give them exactly what they need to pick out the gifts they really want, whether it's something to refresh their room or their wardrobe.

Gift card presentation idea: If you're doing the e-gift card, try fitting a fun message into the 200-character space. Or pair a tangible version with a small gift they might like—their favorite candy, a cool beauty or skincare product, or a fun Christmas ornament.

Handy Gift Card

Handy Gift Card

If you know someone has a lot of household to-dos on their list, a gift card from Handy may be just the thing to help them get a few key items done. Whether they're in need of a deep clean, furniture assembly, picture hanging, or other tasks, you'll gift them a few hours of time to put their feet up, while the pros manage their tasks.

Gift card presentation idea: It's the perfect accompaniment to a product that needs a handyperson's touch to put into action—such as a new TV that needs mounting.

Spafinder Gift Card

Spafinder Gift Card

For the person who's long overdue for a massage or another wellness treatment, this gift card is just the ticket for them to book their favorite treatments at one of hundreds of spas across the country.

Gift card presentation idea: Pair this with a fun wellness accessory—some sheet masks, their favorite moisturizer, or a pretty spa robe.

Mancrates Chip Off the Old Block Gift Card

Mancrates Chip off the Old Block Gift Card

Choose your recipient's favorite gift card from a list of popular options (including Home Depot, Amazon, and DoorDash), and it'll come encased in concrete—with a hammer and safety goggles so they can "unwrap" the item.

Gift card presentation idea: It's already built into the gift!

Disney+ Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Disney+

If they don't already have a Disney+ account (or you just want to help them keep the magic going for longer), give them the gift of great entertainment with a Disney+ Subscription Card. This gift offers a year-long subscription to unlimited streaming from the service, so they can get their fill of Marvel Universe shows and movies, Pixar films, Disney classics, and even some educational National Geographic content.

Gift card presentation idea: This gift card is only available digitally, so think of a truly witty (and Disney-, Star Wars-, or Marvel–related) quote or saying to include with the delivery email.

MasterClass Gift Card

Gift card ideas - MasterClass

Give the gift of learning with a membership to MasterClass. You can purchase an All Access Pass ($180) that allows them to watch what they want whenever for a full year.

Gift card presentation idea: This is an e-gift card, so you'll need to use your words instead of ribbons and bows. Take some time to research classes the recipient will like and list them in the message to get them excited about using their gift ASAP.

Bloomscape Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Bloomscape

Whether they've already got a well-developed green thumb or they're just starting to get some dirt under their nails, everyone could use a new plant. Bloomscape delivers plants across the country with gorgeous planters and has a huge variety, so they can pick the plant of their dreams (thinking of you the whole time, of course).

Gift card presentation idea: Bloomscape keeps it green and only offers e-gift cards. You have the option to send it with a message, though, so include a sweet sentence or two about your hopes for their new plant baby.

Airbnb Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Airbnb

Travel may have slowed down a bit, but the beauty of an Airbnb gift card is that they can use it for a future (even way-future) getaway, a staycation, or a virtual Airbnb experience. (Virtual wine tastings are all the rage now, haven't you heard?) If their wanderlust is flaring, use this gift to remind them that they can still escape mentally.

Gift card presentation idea: Delivery options are by email or text only, so your best option for getting creative with this gift is to write a meaningful message. You only have 150 characters, so be brief—consider writing a list of the best trips you've taken together or a single favorite (short) travel memory.

Blue Apron Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Blue Apron

Whether they're celebrating a new addition to the family or just trying to get through a hectic holiday season, anyone is sure to appreciate a little help with meal planning. Blue Apron delivers everything they need for a healthy, delicious meal straight to their door, minimizing food waste, eliminating the need to go to the grocery store, and making meal cooking a little more enjoyable. (Of course, this gift card idea is best for those who still enjoy cooking but want to eliminate the prepwork of scouring the internet for recipes and searching for ingredients in the grocery store.)

Gift card presentation idea: Start their streak of home-cooked meals off right with a gifted one. Make a casserole, sweet treat, or bread and deliver it with the gift card tucked inside.

TisBest Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Tisbest

Equip them to donate to any cause of their choice with a TisBest charity gift card. This organization offers gift cards in any increment that recipients can then use to donate to their pick of 1.5 million leading charities. They can split their donation across organizations or pick just one for maximum impact, and TisBest can print and send custom biodegradable plastic gift cards or email an e-gift card, depending on how you want to present your gift.

Gift card presentation idea: Minimize your footprint—and respect the charitable recipient's likely ecological leanings—by sending an e-gift card with a witty message.

Wine.com Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Wine.com

When you can't recall if it was chardonnay or cabernet that they prefer, this is the smart gift-giving solution. Meant for the holiday host who enjoys handpicking and ordering their bottle after the company has gone home.

Gift card presentation idea: Bundle the card with a set of cute coasters.

Etsy Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Etsy

When you're looking for something handmade, personal, or truly one-of-a-kind, Etsy is the marketplace to scour. Finding that perfect present can be challenging when faced with so many creative and customizable options, until now. This card will allow gift recipients to purchase at any shop that accepts the gift card.

Gift card presentation idea: Make it truly personal: Package with an initial ornament or maybe a homemade batch of the recipient's favorite treat.

DonorsChoose.org Gift Card

Gift card ideas - DonorsChoose.org

Never underestimate the power of the gift that gives back. A card to DonorsChoose.org lets your recipient be instrumental in improving the lives of students across the country. Making a difference can happen in a few ways: Think purchasing classroom supplies (pencils, reference books, lab materials) or browsing and choosing a specific project they're most inspired by.

Gift card presentation idea: This much love needs only a simple festive ribbon.

Mouth Gift Card

Mouth Gift Card

If your friend loves trying out the latest food trends, they'll love shopping at Mouth, which sells unique, American-made indie food products. They can also try out monthly subscription boxes, such as popcorn or bacon of the month.

Gift card presentation idea: Attach to a serving tray or cheese board.

Whole Foods Gift Card

Gift card ideas - Whole Foods

You can't beat the fruit basket, but certain people like picking their own peaches and pears. For the shopper with an all-natural mentality, this idea is worth just as much as money to spend at their favorite market.

Gift card presentation idea: A reusable bag, of course!

The Art of Shaving Gift Card

The Art of Shaving Gift Card

Help your loved one up their grooming routine with a gift card from The Art of Shaving. The online store let customers build their own shaving kit, or purchase items such as soap, razors, and brushes separately. They can also fill out a questionnaire on the site to get personalized advice and product picks, and if they like any of the products, they can sign up to get the shaving essentials sent to them every time they run out.

Gift card presentation idea: Pair it with a sleek toiletry bag or dopp kit—chances are they don't have one (or it's worn out).

Birchbox Gift Card

Birchbox Gift Card

Each month your friend will get a sampling of five beauty products for skin, hair, and style. Each box is tailored to their own style and preferences, so it's truly a personalized gift. Whether they're a beauty lover or someone who prefers a no-fuss makeup routine, they'll love trying out new and bestselling products to find their next go-tos. With the gift card, your friend can decide when to start the subscription service.

Gift card presentation idea: Place the card in a makeup pouch that they can use later to hold each month's offerings.

Alleyoop Gift Card

A red Alleyoop gift card.


For the person in your life who is into all things makeup, skincare, and body care. Alleyoop's unique selection of products is perfect for that one family member or friend who appreciates self-care.

Gift card presentation idea:
Tuck this gift card into an oversized envelope, then add a face mask.

Alo Moves

Alomoves workout videos on a laptop and phone.


Do they love yoga? Meditation? At home workouts? Alo Moves offers yoga, mindfulness, fitness, and skills classes they can stream anytime, anywhere. Gift cards are available for six months and one-year subscriptions.

Gift card presentation idea:
Send this e-gift card in an email, then breathe a sigh of relief you don't have to head out to a crowded store.

Animalist Gift Card

A white Animalist gift card.


We all have that one friend who dresses their furbaby in outfits, celebrates their birthday, and goes above and beyond for their pet. A gift card for an Animalist print is the perfect gift for them. Select a small, medium, or large print and your friend's furbaby can be immortalized a treasured piece of wall art they'll adore.

Gift card presentation idea:
Present this gift card idea along with a favorite photo of your loved one's pet.

Boredwalk Gift Card

A Boredwalk Los Angeles gift card.


Don't know if your gift should be themed to fit your loved one's dark humor, their love of books, or their love of sci-fi? Give them a Boredwalk gift card. They can select from one of their many t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, journals, and more to find something they'll love that fits their spunky personality.

Gift card presentation idea:
Send this digital gift card along with a quote from their favorite book or film. Even if you have to look it up—they'll be impressed you remembered.

BoxLunch Gift Card

An orange and gray BoxLunch gift card.


Need a gift for a Disney (or any fandom) loving friend or family member? BoxLunch has got you covered. With a gift card, they can browse a seemingly endless supply of pop culture merchandise from Disney to Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, and more.

Gift card presentation idea:
Gift this card along with a free coupon to re-watch their favorite show or movie with them.

Chamberlain Coffee Gift Card

A blue Chamberlain Coffee gift card with an illustration of an owl, dog, cat, and bird.


Move aside, Starbucks. If you're looking for a unique gift for a coffee lover, check out Chamberlain Coffee. They have everything from accessories to coffee bags, single servings, and matcha.

Gift card presentation idea:
Tuck this gift card into a handmade mug.

eCreamery Gift Card

An eCreamery gift card.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Only this one can be delivered to their door. Finance a friend's sweet tooth with a gift card to eCreamery, where your loved one can curate their own ice cream collection from a variety of mouthwatering flavors. If you ask nicely, maybe they'll share.

Gift card presentation idea:
Tie this gift card onto a jar of hot sauce, a bag of pretzels, or their go-to ice cream topping.

Milk Bar Gift Card

A variety of Milk Bar gift cards.


If you aren't sure what type of sweet treat they are craving, give them the gift of Milk Bar. They're sure to find something they love, whether it's cakes, pies, or cookies (and they even have gluten-free options!).

Gift card presentation idea:
Place this gift card inside a colorful envelope, then tape it onto a chocolate bar. That way, they can nibble on something sweet as they contemplate what to order with their gift card.

Olive & June Gift Card

A pink Olive & June gift card peeking out of an envelope.


Bring the spa to their home with an Olive & June gift card. They can shop nail polish, nail care, press-ons, and more. It's perfect for a crafty friend who loves to keep their nails in great shape.

Gift card presentation idea:
Present with a hand lotion or cuticle cream they can use in between nail sessions.

Pretzels.com Gift Card

A Pretzels.com gift card.


Have a friend who's always munching on something salty? Get them the pretzels of their dreams with a Pretzels.com gift card. Their unforgettable flavors range fro Jalapeno Ranch to Brick Oven Pizza and are sure to make a gift they'll never forget.

Gift card presentation idea:
Email a digital gift card along with a link to a mustard or cheese sauce recipe they can dip the pretzels in.

Grubhub Gift Card

A variety of Grubhub gift cards.


Have a friend or family member who never has time for cooking? Grubhub gift cards are easy to redeem, never expire, and are the perfect way to make sure that one busy friend stays well-fed.

Gift card presentation idea:
Send along with a list of top-rated restaurants in their area they can order from.

Fandango Gift Card

A yellow and orange Fandango gift card.


Fandango is the perfect way to celebrate a movie lover. With a gift card, they'll be able to purchase tickets to any movie they want.

Gift card presentation idea:
Fandango gift cards come in a variety of different designs. You can even customize your own, or opt for a dinner and movie card.

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