22 Funny Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Everyone You Love

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Funny Valentine's Day Gifts lead image: Sorry, I can't I have plans with my cat T-shirt from etsy

If your partner is more interested in finding the humor in life than dwelling on the serious stuff—or you've both decided to skip the mushy-gushy and over-expensive presents this Valentine's Day—this curated selection of funny gift ideas is exactly where to look for inspiration. Or maybe, to get the best of both worlds, you're the kind of couple who likes to give one silly gift and another, more serious, romantic gift on Valentine's Day. If nothing else, one (or two) of these funny gifts will be the best pick-me-up for a partner who's feeling a little overworked and under-appreciated (not by you, of course!).

Because laughter is always the best gift, there's something for everyone here, from sarcasm and sass to self-deprecation and downright silliness. And you know there has to be at least one or two food puns thrown in for good measure, too. A "You're So Lucky To Have Me" mug will remind them that they (obviously) scored big time in the love department by choosing you. Or make them crack up with a comical jab at your own sleeping patterns, thanks to a set of pillowcases pointing out your disproportionate sides of the bed.

There's even something for treating yourself to a little self-love this year with a book of funny, non-cheesy, affirmations. And, for those not in a romantic relationship, there's a handful of amusing gag gifts for Galentines, too (the "Mold the Perfect Man" cookie cutters will have your BFF giggling with every sweet bite). Read on for funny, light-hearted gift ideas for all your loved ones with a great sense of humor.

Schitt's Creek Conversation Heart Keychains

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts 2021: Conversation Heart keychains with funny Schitt's Creek quotes

If your one and only (or BFF) is obsessed with Schitt's Creek, they'll love receiving a keychain shaped like a colorful conversation heart—but instead of saying the classic "Be Mine" or "Luv You," these handmade hearts by Etsy shop CraftyMcBee feature hilarious quotes from the Rose family and co. (both snarky and sweet). Warmest regards.

'Quality Time' Valentine's Day Card

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts 2021: Urban Outfitters 'Quality Time' sarcastice Valentine's Day card

Poke fun at your mutual obsession with tech—and the fact that it often takes precedence over (real) quality time with one another—by writing a note to your Valentine, near or far, in this sarcastic, chuckle-worthy card.

Love-Themed Food Puns Cardboard Coasters

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Love-Themed Food Pun cardboard coasters

You love them, and they love puns (hopefully not as much as they love you, though). Your Valentine will laugh at this sweet set of cardboard coasters featuring creative romantic food puns like "I love you a waffle lot."

'Plans With My Cat' Tank

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Sorry, I can't I have plans with my cat T-shirt from etsy

Here's the perfect funny gift for any friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend whose ideal Valentine's Day includes curling up on the couch with their favorite feline. With several colors to choose from, you may just want to buy one for yourself too, because, let's face it, we've all experienced "JOMO" (that's "Joy of Missing Out") from time to time.

"The Office" Michael Scott Quote Coasters

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: The Office Michael Scott Valentine's Day Coasters

If anyone knows how to express themselves with endearing ineptitude, it's The Office's Michael Scott. These graphic coasters feature everyone's favorite Dunder Mifflin branch manager bordered by his immortal words: "Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy, both. I want you to be afraid of how much you love me." If these don't make your friend or partner laugh, we don't know what will.

The Perfect Man Cookie Cutters

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Bake the Perfect Man Cookie Cutters

Yes, it is possible to mold your perfect man—thanks to these genius, hunk-shaped cookie cutters. If you're hosting a Galentine's Day event this year or sending out gifts to pals, make them "LOL" with a batch of chiseled confections. Better yet, send them a set of cutters and host a virtual cookie decorating night this Valentine's Day. Everyone can ice their brawny baked goods over video before devouring this hilarious dessert.

Chocolate-Themed Socks

Funny Valentine's Day gift ideas: Rainbow Socks chocolate bar themed socks

Is your one and only craving chocolates this February 14? Here's a funny fake-out that will both impress them and make them laugh. Rainbow Socks sells tons of great socks designed and packaged to look exactly like our favorite foods. The chocolate-bar-themed socks (in both white or dark chocolate) are fabulous for any Valentine with a funny bone (and a penchant for acquiring more socks).

Marital Bliss Game

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Marital Bliss Game uncommon goods

What's a solid marriage without a little healthy competition? Put your spouse to the test with this fun and sweet Marital Bliss card game, which sends you both on secret missions for the entire week. The winner who's completed the most helpful tasks at the end of the game gets to pull their surprise treat from the pile of reward cards (breakfast in bed anyone?).

Peaceable Kingdom Scratch-Off Valentine Jokes

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Peaceable Kingdom Scratch-Off Valentine Jokes for kids

Don't forget about Valentine's Day gifts for the kids! Perfect (and kid-appropriate) to bring to school or share with siblings and friends, here's a pack of 28 sweet and silly scratch-off cards with Valentine's Day jokes they'll love telling. A little teaser: "What did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream? ....I'm sweet on you!"

August Morgan Party Napkins

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: August Morgan 'Skunk in Love' punny linen cocktail napkins

August Morgan sells dozens of colorful, witty, and gorgeous linen cocktail napkins, and we love this "Skunk in Love"–themed set for a funny Valentine's Day gift.

Broken Heart Chocolate Heart Pizza

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Uncommon Goods broken heart chocolate heart pizza

Know someone who's going through a breakup this year? Give them a chance to let out some angst on February 14. Send them a giant, heart-shaped chocolate cookie pizza that comes with a wooden mallet for cracking that heart to pieces (before enjoying some much-needed chocolate).

'Your Side, My Side' Pillowcases

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Your Side, My Side Pillowcases

If you live with someone who's always hogging the bed, let this set of pillowcases lay down some ground rules once and for all. Directional arrows keep everyone in line (and jokingly give you the bigger side of the bed). These lighthearted pillowcases are soft, breathable, machine-washable, and wrinkle-resistant. And they're sure to get a chuckle out of your partner, too.

'You're So Lucky to Have Me' Mug

Funny Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: "You're So Lucky to Have Me" white mug

Your S.O. probably already knows what a catch you are—but there's no harm in reminding them (over and over again). In a hilarious effort to make sure everyone feels included, this mug even comes with a choice of a "Righty" or "Lefty" handle preference. If you aren't able to celebrate together this Valentine's Day, the seller offers direct shipping to your love—wherever they may be. Though the mug is microwave-safe (for when you're in a rush to get that caffeine flowing), hand-washing is recommended. The 10-ounce mug comes already packaged in a pretty gift box with a blank gift tag, too.

'World's Okayest Valentine' T-Shirt

Funny Valentines Day Gifts Ideas: World's Okayest Valentine T-Shirt

If sarcasm is your love language, here's an ironic T-shirt that'll give your Valentine a chuckle and a much-deserved eye-roll (because you both know this isn't true: They're obviously the best Valentine ever—but of course you wouldn't just outright say so). Tons of versions of this tee exist, including several color options, as well as a World's Okayest Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend, and Fiancé choices.

'Bring Me Wine' Socks

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Wine" socks

If her idea of a Valentine's Day treat is curling up in bed while being served a glass of her favorite vino, then these are the socks she'll never want to take off. The funny phrase ("if you can read this" on one, "please bring me wine" on the other) is featured on the soles, so she just needs to point her toes to the sky to put in her beverage request. We can't guarantee this request will be fulfilled after February 14—but it's still worth trying just about any day of the year.

Paper Tantrum Nifty Notes

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Knock Knock Paper Tantrum Nifty Notes

Give your one and only the best gift of all: The ultimate forum to express their everyday complaints with perfect passive aggression. This notepad is your loving way of saying, "Let it out, honey—I'm here for all your constructive feedback."

Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

Make your friends' Valentine's Day cocktails that much more festive with these handsome (and hilarious) Drinking Buddies drink markers. Is there any better Valentine's Day companion than a strapping young lad clinging to a glass of their favorite wine? We think not.

Boyfriend Arm Body Pillow

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Boyfriend-Shaped Arm Pillow

Calling all your single friends—or friends in a long-distance relationship—on Valentine's Day! A faux boyfriend body pillow to keep them comfy and keep them company while binge-watching romantic movies is the funniest (and possibly the creepiest) Valentine's Day gag gift ever.

Fred and Friends Chill Baby BPA Free 0-6 Months Pacifier

Fred & Friends Chill Baby BPA Free 0-6 Months Pacifier

Bring your toddler or infant in on all the extra love this Valentine's Day, too. Who says a pacifier has to be boring? Just think of all the hilarious and adorable photo ops—you won't need to tell your little one to pucker up for a photo to share with family and friends.

Soulmate Magnet Glasses

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts 2021: Boldloft You're Irresistible Glasses

Together forever! Make your Valentine laugh with a cheeky set of drinking glasses that illustrate your utterly magnetic chemistry—and a little reminder that you're stuck together for better or worse (*wink*).

'Ring for a Kiss' Service Bell

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts: Ring for a Kiss Bell

Does someone need attention? This funny—and, let's face it, totally cheesy—Valentine's Day gift is the perfect little number for the S.O. who's always in the market for some tenderness. Instead of whining for your affections, they can now ring the service bell for a kiss or hug from yours truly.


Funny Valentines Day Gifts: Book of Affirmations

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be only about how much you love other people—why not treat yourself to a little self-love? This book of affirmation cards, written by comedian Suzi Barrett, is a fun way to compliment yourself and start out each day with a boost of confidence. Because "even pessimists like a little positivity."

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