This season, give presents that calm and soothe—while providing endless hours of fun.

By Melissa Morgenlander
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It’s estimated that as many as 1 in 6 children in America may experience sensory processing issues—meaning they are either oversensitive or under-sensitive to the noises, textures, and other stimuli in the world around them (in some cases, kids may even exhibit signs of both oversensitivity and under-sensitivity in different areas). If your child constantly has meltdowns in crowded restaurants or stores, or can’t seem to get enough of roller coasters, hanging upside down or swinging, he or she may have a form of sensory processing disorder (SPD). There are many methods to help your child learn to cope with these issues in school and at home, but finding the right toy for this child can be tricky! Here are some gift ideas any kid would love—but kids with SPD will find especially appealing.

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