Instead of sexual tension, profanity, and politics, it's boogers, wedgies, and grandma.

By Liz Steelman
Updated August 15, 2016

When you were a kid, just hearing “butt” or saying the same thing over and over again could make you laugh until you cried. Well, a pair of genius moms realized that pushing boundaries and potty humor are still as hilarious to their kids as it was to them back then. And lucky for you, they came up with the perfect, age-appropriate game that will send your tween into giggle fits.

Not Parent Approved is an “inappropriately appropriate” card game meant to be an appealing old-fashioned diversion from screen culture for kids 8 and up. But like its adult-inspiration, Cards Against Humanity, it’s filled with gross humor and absurdity, all in a kid-friendly package. The game will be available this holiday season on Amazon.

The game, naturally, starts off with a burping contest. The winner then becomes “the Burp Boss” and picks a question card to read aloud. (An example question card is “For the science fair, I made…”) The other players then place an answer card (like “gymnastic leotards that ride up your butt” or “my evil dentist”) in order to make the silliest or most nonsensical combination. The one that the burp boss likes most, wins. Each game comes with 455 cards—105 question cards and 350 answer cards—so you can expect hours of fun.

The game was invented by two mompreuners: Maximina Revis, a former online game producer for Mattel, and Stacy Katz, a PR and marketing consultant. The pair wanted to create a fun alternative to tablets, TV, and phones for their children with something edgier than most card or board games on the market. They launched their Kickstarter in May, and after only three and a half days reached their $10,000 goal. At the end of the campaign, the game has received more than $14,000 in support from 183 backers.

The game is available for pre-order on the site. You are also able to get a 30 percent discount off the $24.99 price when you sign up for the newsletter on the game's homepage. The game will be available to purchase on Amazon starting October 1, 2016—so there's plenty of time to practice your best burp. Want something a little more, well, adult? The Keurig of cocktails is coming soon, courtesy of Kickstarter, as well (and check out three other great finds on the site here.)