They’re funnier than even his very best Dad Joke.

Everyone can remember a time when Dad swooped in and fixed everything—he knows just what to say to make you laugh, can fix virtually anything, and has sound advice for any situation. Remind him that he’s Superman with this thoughtful note. To buy: $4,

June isn’t just for grads—it’s also for dads! Their jokes, their bods… the patriarch of the family is iconic. He might have taught you how to ride a bike when you were five, drive a car when you were a teen or perhaps he’s only recently joined the family. And, on his one day of the year, it’s important to celebrate him. If you’re stumped on what to give the dad who has it all, look no further than the classic Father’s Day card, with a twist.

Is your dad the biggest carnivore you know? The ultimate fixer-upper? Your first contact on speed dial? The one who never misses tee time? Maybe Elvis Presley’s number one fan? Believe it or not, there’s a card that matches almost every father-kid dynamic.

If you’re an expecting mom to for the perfect gift for the dad-to-be, show him you and your baby’s love with a message from “the bump.” Or tell your stepdad you’re grateful to him for being an incredible “bonus dad.” Any father figure in your life will be more than thrilled to know they are loved.

Whether he’s the king of cringe-worthy puns or a sucker for all things sentimental, show your dad how much he means to you with one of these cards. From one-liners that will make you laugh out loud to sweet sayings, pair your gift with the perfect personalized note and make June 18 his best day yet.

Why? Card

Fathers know everything—it’s just a special gift. This is the perfect card to give from an inquisitive toddler, or from adults who still call Dad for advice, guidance, and plumbing questions.

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Exemplary Stepdad

This foil-stamped card features a blank inside that gives you the freedom to customize your own special message for your stepfather. It’s a medal any dad would want to receive.

To buy: $5.50,

Honorary Dad

Often, it’s hard to find a card that fits the special relationship you have with people in your life who are just like family. For an uncle, a close family friend, or even a father-in-law who has had a strong presence in your life, show your love with this special card.

To buy: $4.50,

You Were Right

We can all be reluctant to admit that our parents were right all along. Consider this admission the ultimate Father’s Day gift—we’re pretty sure he’s been waiting years for this one.

To buy: $5,

We Don’t Have to Talk About It

If he’s not big on sharing his feelings, this card is the perfect, non-mushy way of saying, “I love you.”

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Checklist Card

This Father’s Day, it’s finally time to own up to those unpleasant phases of your life. This card covers (almost) everything.

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Screwdriver Bouquet

If flowers don’t seem like the right gift, you might find that this arrangement is better suited to his taste.

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Swiss Army Card

If he’s the family’s go-to for fixing everything, he’ll love this Swiss Army knife diagram. Wait, those knives aren’t meant for opening wine bottles?

To buy: $4,

Snoring Card

If you could hear his snoring from down the hall with the door closed, this card puts a positive spin on the noise.

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Dad Comic Hero Father’s Day Card

Everyone can remember a time when Dad swooped in and fixed everything—he knows just what to say to make you laugh, can fix virtually anything, and has sound advice for any situation. Remind him that he’s Superman with this thoughtful note.

To buy: $4,

You’ve Always Been My Favorite

If he can take a joke (and dads usually can), this card is the perfect pick.

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Rarest of Them All Father’s Day Card

Tell your meat-loving dad he’s a cut above the rest with this adorable card. Not only will he be appreciative of the wordplay, but this particular option could also inspire him to fire up the grill to prepare a delicious steak dinner.

To buy: $5,

Coolest Pop Ever

Witty food lovers will go crazy for this one. Welcome Father’s Day and warm summer days with an ice-cold treat-inspired card. It could help you reminisce about a fun childhood memory together. And who could possibly resist a solid ‘pop’ pun?

To buy: $4,

Loving Us More Than Golf

Have you ever questioned whether your dad loved you more than his time on the golf course? If so, this is the card for you. Send your PGA-obsessed dad a hilarious message and he’ll have a great story to share about your hole-in-one Father’s Day gift.

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The Best

If your dad is the ultimate handyman, pick up this card for Father’s Day. He’ll love that you recognize his generosity and ferocity when tackling even the most terrifying spiders creeping around your apartment. After all, not all heroes wear capes.

To buy: $4,

Call Dad

Let’s face it: we’ll always need our dads. The original proverb “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” dates back to the 1800s, but updating it with your love for (and reliance on) dad makes it the perfect Father’s Day card.

To buy: $3,

Intelligent, Loving, and Courageous

If you want to skip the humor and candidly share your love, look no further than this card. Telling your dad he’s intelligent, loving, and courageous will allow him to see just how wonderful and incredible he is.

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You're the King

You might want to play Elvis’s “Don’t Cry Daddy” while you share this card with your dad. If he’s the biggest Elvis Presley fan in the world or simply “the King” in your life, he’ll go crazy for this clever option.

To buy: $4.50,

Bonus Dad

Have more than one person deserving of praise this Father’s Day? You don’t have to share DNA to express thanks for a father figure in your life. Let your stepdad know he’s the best “bonus dad” ever with this simple, sweet, and thoughtful message.

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From the Bump

If you’re an expecting mom with a father-to-be in your life, think about picking up this card for him. Even though it’s a few weeks shy, you and your baby can share your love from “the bump” to the man who’s been by your side.

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