Struggling to find the best gift for your boyfriend? We've got some great present ideas for every type of guy.

By Rachel Sylvester and Claudia Fisher
December 05, 2018
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We know how it goes: You know him so well—his favorite band, his go-to drink order, even his iPhone passcode—but you’re still having trouble finding just the right holiday gift your boyfriend will actually use and enjoy. And we get it–boyfriends are surprisingly hard to shop for!

Whether every idea you think would really wow him is way too expensive or it really just seems like he already has everything he could ever want, we know that the struggle is real when it comes to gifts for boyfriends. So, as if you wished it and we appeared (but really you probably just Googled "great gifts for boyfriend" and we appeared), here you’ll find a list of carefully curated gift ideas for boyfriends our editors think the guys in your life will find both cool, practical, and original.

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Our list of editor-approved gifts covers all types of dudes—from football tailgaters and cocktail connoisseurs to music lovers and golf geeks alike. Stumped on the perfect present for the sports fanatic in your life? Gift him with a blueprint of his home team's stadium, or try a wool seat cushion for those sub-zero Sunday night games. There's even a gift for beer snobs—a craft brew-inspired candle that delivers all of the aromatic benefits of beer without the hangover—and a men's grooming kit made for the dude who's in desperate need of a little self-care.

We might not know him personally, but we do know that these 30 handpicked present ideas for boyfriends are bound to impress every type of guy—from the life of the party to the tech-obsessed. Browse through our favorite gifts for boyfriends below, and who knows—you may just find the perfect present for your father and brother too.

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Best Gift for Tailgaters: Stoneware Growler

For the guy who loves a good tailgate and a even better brew, this sleek, game day-approved growler is the perfect space to stash his drink of choice. Each 64-oz. stoneware growler is glazed by hand, and its flip-top ceramic lid allows you to pour and party with ease.

To buy: $88;


Best Gift for Cocktail Connoisseurs: The Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

If he’s a fan of Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, he can learn to make his own bitters at home with this crafting kit. User-friendly instructions will guide your partner-in-crime through the creation of his own great extracts. The set has everything needed to start out: four glass apothecary bottles, one funnel, one strainer, two infusing jars, a citrus blend, and an aromatic blend. Just add alcohol and you’ll be shaking up signature cocktails in no time.

To buy: $70;


Best Gift for Craftsmen: Stitched Leather Coasters

Give his bar cart a major upgrade with the addition of these stitched leather coasters. The 4-piece pack is the perfect blend of practical and rugged, plus you can pair the gift with whiskey stones or a set of rocks glasses.

To buy: $48;

Best for the Social Butterfly: Tumi Alpha Bravo Davis Backpack

Whether for work or travel, a high-quality, durable, cool backpack is one of the best gifts for boyfriends so they'll be ready for anything in their daily lives. This way, he can pack up his lap top, change of clothes, and spare deodorant so he’s ready to meet you at your work holiday cocktail party without having to stop home to change.

To buy: $279;

Sharper Image

Best Gift for Music Lovers: Heavy Duty Jobsite Earbuds

Whether he’s trying to concentrate in a noisy open office, is hammering away on a construction site all day, or simply wants to drown out the rest of the commuters on his train, these rugged earbuds will help your boyfriend get more enjoyment out of his favorite songs or podcasts. Noise isolation tips (includes four pairs in different sizes for maximum comfort) reduce ambient noise by up to 30 percent, while ear hook and a five-foot cord help him move around with less restriction.

To buy: $60;

Best Gift for the Rap-Loving Chef: From Crook to Cook

Snoop Dogg, a rapper who's bonded with Martha Stewart over their love of cooking, newly released his very own cookbook, From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen. This is a good gift for boyfriends who haven't yet mastered their kitchen skills because it will definitely have him poppin' the oven like it's hot.

To buy: $22;


Best Gift for Techies: Dotti Smart Pixel Light

If your boyfriend can’t keep his smartphone close enough and lives in FOMN (fear of missing a notification), this smart-light is for him. Reminiscent of the old Lite-Brite, Dotti syncs with his phone via Bluetooth technology and lights up to alert him of incoming calls, texts, emails, events, and social media notifications.

To buy: $90;

Uncommon Goods

Best Gift for Golf Geeks: Set of Fore! Golf Glasses

Both an attractive addition to his bar and a practical gift for tournament viewing parties, this set of tumblers is just right for the golf lover. Each 16-ounce glass in the set of four features a colorful illustration of four kinds of clubs (putter, iron, wedge, and wood), complete with graphic typography. The finishing touch is a beautifully crafted dimple impression of a golf ball on the bottom of each tumbler.

To buy: $42 for four;


Best Gift for Gamers: Super Mario Bros. Checker and Tic-Tac-Toe Collector’s Edition Game

He may have had to say goodbye to his classic Nintendo console years ago, but this coffee table game will take your boyfriend down memory lane. The fold-up, double-sided game board and custom game pieces (checkers and Mario and Luigi kinging pieces) mimic Mario and Luigi’s 8-bit world. He can play checkers on one side, or flip the board and try his luck at a quick game of tic-tac-toe on the other.

To buy: $20;

Best Gift for the Polished Dresser: Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch

A classic watch can instantly step up a guy's look like no other accessory can. Daniel Wellington's minimalist designs seamlessly mesh with practically any style while adding a pop of sophistication, especially in this rose gold and dark brown crocodile combination.

To buy: $199;


Best Gift for Whiskey Drinkers: Maps Rocks Glasses

Bringing new meaning to the local watering hole, this barware (including rocks glasses, mason jars, mugs and wine glasses) is carefully etched with neighborhood maps to turn his home or apartment into his favorite local spot. There are hundreds of locations, from towns and cities to mountains and even islands, so you can choose an array of barware and glasses that feature all of the most important locales, including where he grew up, went to college, got married, and more.

To buy: $16;

Uncommon Goods

Best Gift for Baseball Fans: Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Commemorate his favorite stadium with a custom baseball blueprint. Printed on museum-grade paper, the detailed illustration of his choice honors America’s favorite pastime with a look at a single stadium’s design specs and major historic highlights. An antique finish gives the blueprint its vintage vibe, and there’s no need to hunt down an appropriate frame since the art arrives encased in black BonanzaWood. All you've got to add to this gift idea is the bow!

To buy: $185;

Mark & Graham

Best Gift for Travelers: Waxed Canvas Travel Pouch

Even if you can’t always accompany him on the road, you can give your boyfriend a gift that will help see him through just about any trip in style. A must-have travel companion for any jetsetter, the roomy toiletry case is big enough to contain all of his grooming essentials, plus, the simple and durable waxed canvas exterior can stand up to nearly anything. Give it an extra personal touch by having it monogrammed with his initials.

To buy: $99;


Best Gift for Bookworms: Audible Membership

If your boyfriend is an avid reader, he can listen to any book, anywhere with Audible—the all-the-rage audiobook membership from Amazon. The first month of membership is entirely free, and he'll receive a book of his choice to get started. After your first trial month, the paid membership will grant him access to one book credit a month, so he can listen to ad-free bestsellers from his favorite authors on the go.

To buy: $15 per month;


Best Gift for Sports Fanatics: Wool Stadium Cushion

He’s adamant about not missing any of his favorite team’s ball games—even on a snowy, sub-zero Sunday night. But those plastic stadium seats seem to absorb the cold, and nobody wants to stand for hours on end. Though we can’t promise a win to help make the whole experience worth it, we can suggest giving him this sheep’s wool cushion for a present. The soft, fluffy seat–which fits snugly in bleacher seat–provides another layer of protection from the bitter cold.

To buy: $38;


Best Gift for Bartenders: Perfect Drink App-Controlled

For the guy who loves a good backyard bash and a cabinet full of spirits but has a serious lack of bartending skills, this clever gadget takes the guesswork out of the art of craft cocktails. The digital scale is compatible with an accompanying free app for iOS or Android phones, so he can choose from hundreds of vetted drink recipes—and get detailed, real-time pouring instructions.

To buy: $100;

Best for the Frugal Shopper: Tommy John Underwear

It’s pretty rare for a guy to take it upon himself to splurge on nice underwear, so that’s an easy gap to fill. Tommy John’s underwear makes a great Christmas gift for boyfriends because they’re super soft, breathable fabric with a new take on the front opening. He’ll probably wonder how he ever wore anything else.

To buy: $29;

Best for the "Let's Walk There" Guy: Bonobos Wool Cashmere Scarf

Gloves and scarves seem to be another item boyfriends never buy for themselves. Make sure your guy is warm winter by giving him a wool cashmere scarf from Bonobos. It’s a win-win for you too because he’ll look stylish... and can lend it to you if you happen to get cold.

To buy: $128;


Best Gift for Those Seeking New Skills: Masterclass

Gain insight into the minds of the world’s greatest industry leaders with Masterclass—an all-access roster of online classes taught by the likes of Judd Apatow, Stephen Curry, and Martin Scorsese. Over 35 renowned innovators offer up tips and tricks that pertain to their specific expertise, whether its jazz pointers from Herbie Hancock or screenwriting hints from Aaron Sorkin. Purchase an all-access pass and both you and your partner will learn a thing or two.

To buy: From $90;


Best Gift for Craftsmen: Desk Caddy Organizer

If he spends much of the weekend tinkering in his “shop” or in the garage out back, this handsome wood desk caddy will help him corral all of his smaller tools (think hammers, scissors, stamps, pens, paint brushes, and more). Each caddy is made of reclaimed wood from the 1800s and comes in four sizes, from the “small,” which has four holes, to the “epic,” which has 24 holes.

To buy: From $36;

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Swag Brewery

Best Gift for Beer Snobs: Brew Candle

Offering a sophisticated fragrance in a quirky form, this craft beer-inspired candle has all of the aromatic benefits of beer (without the hangover). The all-natural soy wax is hand-poured into a recycled 22-oz. beer bottle and comes in scents whiskey drinkers and wine aficionados will love, too.

To buy: $18 each;

Best Gift for Self-Pamperers: Beekman 1802 Men's Grooming Kit

So your boyfriend truly enjoys his self-care rituals and morning coif routine. Shaving will feel even less like a chore with this luxurious kit.

To buy: $56;


Best Gift for the Star Wars Fans: Pangea Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Make breakfast for the special guy in your life in a toaster that’s shaped just like Darth Vader’s helmet. The kitchen gadget brands the breakfast item with the logo of his favorite film series, while additional settings, like reheat and defrost, make quick work of toasting bagels or waffles, too. Plus, a removable crumb tray means even easier cleanup.

To buy: $40;


Best Gift for Podcast Listeners: BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

He listens to his favorite music at the gym, in the car, and while he’s on his way to work… why not in the shower, too? Help make it possible to rock out while suds-ing up with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Boom. Thanks to a flexible silicone “tail,” this present will easily attach to any surface and let him stream music from his iTunes library or favorite streaming service anywhere in the house. It will even work submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes, and the eight-hour battery life means you should prepare for marathon playlists.

To buy: $50;


Best Gift for History Buffs: The Contender: The Game of Presidential Debate

This game is similar to the party favorite Cards Against Humanity, but you can feel comfortable playing this one with family—though we can’t promise his uncle won’t go on some tirade! If you aren’t too scarred from the 2016 election, this hilarious card game has players gathering cards with famous (and real!) one-liners from various political figures throughout history. No political knowledge required to enjoy this gift—just a healthy sense of humor.

To buy: $26,


Best Gift for Doers: Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays

Does a pair of collar stays feel a little, well, boring? We hear you, but check out this hardworking version. These lightweight titanium collar stays are sturdy enough to keep his shirt looking sharp for years, plus they serve a multitude of functions, like fixing broken gadgets, opening bottles, snipping off loose threads, measuring small items, and tightening screws.

To buy: $45 for four (two pairs);


Best Gift for College Grads: Hillflint Sweater

Luxe fabric in an array of styles make this collegiate apparel brand an heirloom-quality essential, whether you’re watching the game court side, in the stadium, or from your sofa. Select a sweater from over 100 available schools, or choose a style that will shows his pride for his favorite MLB or NBA team.

To buy: From $65;


Best Gift for Beach Goers: Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses

Give his go-to shades a stylish upgrade with a colorful pair of sunnies. Polarized lenses offer protection from harmful UV rays, and the shades are available in a slew of hues, including turquoise and aqua.

To buy: $55;

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Best for Grillers: 20-Piece Grilling Tool Set

Every good grill-master knows that the key to making the juiciest burgers, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and not-too-charred hot dogs is the appropriate tools. This 20-piece set includes everything he needs for pulling off a successful barbecue, from stainless steel tongs and a spatula to a basting brush and four corn holders—all tucked inside a sturdy aluminum carry case.

To buy: $60;

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MoMA Design Store

Best Gift for Fixer Uppers: Compact Tool Box

For the Mr. Fix-It with limited shelf space, this compact metal tool box is a no-brainer. The top handle makes this box of essentials easy to access when things go awry, and the punchy blue and white hue ensures your guy will be able to spot it in a pinch.

To buy: $90;