6 Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Love

Whether he’s a master chef or just loves a good burger, these tasteful treats and tools will fire him up.


Tin Cup American Whiskey


This ‘bourbon style’ whiskey, made from corn, rye, malt, and Rocky Mountain water, packs a sweet peppery punch—ideal for sipping on the rocks. Named for the tin cups once used by Colorado miners, it comes in an eye-catching bottle with metallic accents, including a cap that doubles as a shot glass. Dad will never suspect that it cost a fraction of other boutique bourbons on the market.

To buy: $31, bevmo.com.

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Supermechanical Coal Range Smart Thermometer


A heatproof and waterproof gadget that will take Dad's bbq skills to the next level, this thermometer is the perfect marriage of grilling gear and up-to-the-minute technology. (In other words, the ultimate dude present.) Simply plug one end into a smartphone, place the other end in meat as it cooks, and walk away. The thermometer, which has USDA recommended temperature presets, will push notifications to all your iOS devices when the meat is done.

To buy: $70-$190, food52.com.

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Rancho Gordo Hot Sauce Gift Set


This charming engraved wooden crate contains three bottles labeled with saucy photos that are sure to make him smile. Each hot-but-not-too-fiery variety is made in Napa, California, and contains a different type of chili pepper, including Mexican, Arbol, and Chipotle.

To buy: $25 for three 5-ounce bottles, manykitchens.com.

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Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener


Just a few swipes through this slick “V” is all it takes to make your blades as good as new.  And because there’s no need to worry about knife angle or pressure, it’s safe to say that this appliance is close to foolproof.

To buy: $80, amazon.com.

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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Father’s Day Gift Collection  


Two exquisite whole bars come packed with a carbon bladed pocketknife (ideal for cutting off pieces) in a hand printed muslin bag. The chocolates are dark and smoother than most we've tasted--and arrive stamped with ornate symmetrical patterns and wrapped in gold foil. Owners Dick and Taylor used to build boats before creating confections made from just organic cacao and organic cane sugar—no emulsifiers. Also included: a sturdy porcelain dinner mug for his favorite grog.

To buy: $40, dicktaylorchocolate.com.

Photo by dicktaylorchocolate.com

Presse by Bobble


An insulated coffee mug that works like a French press for brewing on the go: there’s nothing not to like. Simple to use and clean, the masculine black thermos also keeps java warm for a few hours.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.

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